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Department or Division Name Change

Recommendation Form

Please check one:

__ Rename Existing Department/Division

__ Establish New Department/Division

Rename Existing Department/Division:

Current Department/Division Name:


Division (if applicable):


Recommended Department/Division Name:


Recommended by (originator):


Rationale for request:


Establish New Department/Division:

Recommended Department/Division Name:


Division (if applicable):


Department/Division Description:


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Manager/Dean _____________________  Effective date ______________

Vice President _____________________

President        _____________________

Once approved, form will be returned to originator who is responsible for notification to the following departments: 

__ Business Office

__ Central Services 

__ Facilities

__ Human Resources

__ Information Technology

__ Marketing and Public Relations




Guidelines should be utilized for assistance with complying with Anoka-Ramsey Policies and Procedures and do not provide exclusive representation of Anoka-Ramsey Administrative and Managerial authority. Anoka-Ramsey Administration maintains inherent managerial right according to Minnesota State College Faculty (MSCF) Article 6, Section 1.

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