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College Hour

The Faculty Development Committee has developed the following guidelines for College Hours:

The College Hour program is designed to educate, celebrate, and inform the college community on topics and programs of interest that benefit our internal and external communities.

  • The college community is encouraged to attend college hours.
  • College hour times are scheduled campus specific on Wednesday afternoons during the academic year.
  • Exceptions permitted during established faculty development days and during breaks.
  • All staff are encouraged to attend College Hour activities with permission of their supervisors.
  • Exceptions may be made to schedule classes or activities during College Hour as approved by the College President.
  • Schedulers, deans, and event coordinators should be aware of the specified College Hour times on each campus when scheduling classes and events.

Cambridge Campus

  • Every Wednesday 12:15-1:15 p.m., during the academic year calendar
  • This time period is specified to allow for all faculty and students to participate in meetings, professional development, and student groups, ensembles, and performances. 

Coon Rapids Campus

  • Every Wednesday, 2:00-3:00 p.m., during the academic year calendar
  • The third Wednesday of each month is specified for faculty association meetings or student-organized activities.
  • Every Wednesday except for the third Wednesday of each month is specified for professional growth and development or other activity planned collaboratively by the Faculty Development Committee, Energy Pool, and other interested college groups.
  • Faculty Development Chair solicits topics/ideas for the next semester’s college hour schedule.
  • The College Hour Committee then formats topics into a schedule.
  • The College Hour schedule will be distributed at the beginning of each semester. Reminders will be sent out on the Monday and Wednesday of the week of each event to encourage participation.
  • The College Hour Committee is responsible for “hosting” College Hour sessions, which includes marketing the event.




11.1999 Adopted
02.2015 Add Cambridge College Hour



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