Assigning Instructional Faculty Offices

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Assigning Instructional Faculty Offices

The following will be considered when assigning faculty to offices:

  • Offices in areas related to academic disciplines will be assigned to faculty in related academic disciplines.
  • Disciplines will be grouped, if appropriate, in spaces related to academic discipline.
  • Private offices will be offered to full-time faculty, then to unlimited part-time faculty. Temporary faculty may be assigned offices on a short-term basis, if available.
  • The College retains the right to assign offices assigned to faculty on leave.
  • Seniority at the college will be considered when it does not conflict with any other guideline.
  • Requests based upon need for special accommodations will be considered.
  • Furniture, computers and telephones stay with the office and are not moved.
  • All requests for office changes should be submitted in writing, including rationale for the move, to the immediate supervisor.
  • Any and all office moves must be approved by the Administration.



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