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This plan is the result of many listening sessions, feedback from faculty and staff, and 17 virtually held workshops with employees at ATC and ARCC during the Spring 2022 semester.  The Building BRIDGES (Belongingness, Restoration, Inclusion, Diversity, Growth, Equity, Sustainability) Plan will be reviewed and revised at least every two years to ensure progress, relevancy, and to account for unforeseen changes that require adaptability and flexibility.

Our collective efforts are necessary for not only the future and sustainability of the college, but for our communities.  With this plan we seek to build the necessary bridges that help current and future students, employees, and community members get from where they currently are professionally, academically, or socially to where they would like to be.  This work is not going to be completed once then relegated to the history books – it is ongoing and evolving.  It is imperative that all levels of the colleges understand how they play a role in our success with BRIDGES and the colleges’ missions and visions.  We look forward to working with you to continue on a path that leads to a more equitable, just, and inclusive future.


The following Guiding Questions direct our thinking and planning:

  1. At which level(s) is this projected to have impact: macro (institution), mezzo (departments, programs, or divisions), and/or micro (individuals)?
  2. How can/will students, staff, faculty, alumni, and community members be involved?
  3. Will this eliminate or reduce systemic inequity?
  4. Will historically underserved people see this as substantive and implementing the culture renovations needed for academic and professional success and equity?
  • The sense of belonging is the degree to which students, employees, and community members feel connected to the institutions via our intentional and unintentional everyday behaviors, policies, and culture.  It is the experience of mattering or feeling cared about, accepted, respected, valued, and important to the campus community, and it is critical for retaining all students, employees, and community members—particularly those from BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) and other historically underserved communities.

    ATC and ARCC will increase employees’, students’, and community members’ sense of belonging to the institutions and amongst each other.

  • Restorative practices are processes freely entered into where honesty, accountability, empathy, and humility are used to build and strengthen relationships, repair harm, and work together to co-create a healthy community.  They require seeing a person as fully human and in relationship with others and engaging in dialogue-driven, healing-centered, and community-based practices.

    ATC and ARCC will become restorative institutions by acknowledging how our nation’s, state’s, and colleges’ histories require responsibility and action to bring about healing, justice, and equity.

  • Inclusion is the process of co-creating a culture that builds trusting relationships through collaboration, flexibility, and fairness, especially with and for people who have been historically excluded from such spaces.  It enables and supports every person being valued and all voices being acknowledged and respected.

    ATC and ARCC will ensure an inclusive and accessible climate and culture for students, employees, and community members.

  • There are significant demographic shifts happening in our community and being responsive to these changes is essential to promoting and sustaining the success of all students and employees.  Diversity is what makes each of us unique and includes our backgrounds, personality, life experiences, beliefs, and all the things that make us who we are.

    ATC and ARCC will increase the representation and inclusion of BIPOC and other historically underserved communities in our student and employee populations, and in programming.

  • Our mission and work embody our growth-through-effort mindset.  Our success is based on our dedication to student, employee, and community growth through lifelong learning, content and skill mastery, and a willingness to embrace feedback, challenges, and changes with perseverance, practice, and support.  Growth praises the learning process and not just the outcome.

    Informed by data, ATC and ARCC will provide opportunities for students, employees, and community members to learn, grow, and improve professionally, academically, and personally.

  • Equity is recognizing and respecting the unique abilities and contributions of each student and employee (especially those who have been historically and systemically underserved) and providing the necessary and customized resources, opportunities, and support needed to achieve their professional, academic, and personal goals.

    ATC and ARCC will establish and implement plans to regularly assess and bolster our students’, employees’, and community members’ access to resources, opportunities, experiences, and outcomes.

  • To sustain the inclusive communities we are co-creating, we must design, implement, and support structures and initiatives that enable our current and future students’, employees’, and community members’ empowerment, growth, development, and equitable access to and responsible usage of resources.  By honoring the contributions made in the past that laid the groundwork for this moment, we will continue to build an inclusive and equitable educational and work experience and environment, and community.

    ATC and ARCC will review and continue implementing equitable practices, policies, and procedures that will ensure continuity into the future.

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