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Student Senate

Student Senate and the college administration govern all student affairs jointly. The Student Senate is the official governing body and the voice for all students and consists of members who conduct elections, appoint student all-college committee members and advocate for student needs and concerns.

The college policy on Student Involvement in Decision Making outlines how the Student Senate plays a role in college governance.

  • Why should you join Student Senate?

    Participating in Student Senate helps to develop and improve your soft skills like critical thinking, time management, teamwork, and conflict resolution. You'll learn to communicate with individuals and large groups, and you'll gain emotional intelligence as you develop new relationships. Student Senate gives you the opportunity to be civically engaged and share your voice with your campus and college leadership. The solutions lie with you, and now more than ever it's vital that students get active and share their voice.

    What is in it for you (perks and benefits)?

    Becoming a Student Senator enables you to strengthen your leadership skills, build your resume, develop relationships, and participate in state and national events for student leaders. Student Senators may also qualify for a Student Leadership Stipend of $50 - $500 per semester.  

    What are the potential time commitments?

    Meet up to 4 times a month to give input on matters.
    Respond to email from members of the college in a timely manner to give input on matters.
    Write correspondence to different entities on behalf of students.
    Assist with giving input and help in the planning and execution of events/initiatives.

    What impact can you have?

    As a Student Senator, you can have an impact on creating a welcoming college climate, increased opportunities for your own development, and serve as a positive influence to your peers.

  • Student Senate Fall 2023 Meeting dates: Tuesdays at 2 PM on Zoom and on campus

    To join our meetings please contact: 

    All students are encouraged to attend! Feel free to join us and see what it is about, a commitment is not required.

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