Political Science Department

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Political Science Department

Politics touches everyone’s life.

The Political Science Department helps students become informed citizens, and participants in the process, through discussion, analysis, critical thinking and imaginative problem-solving.

Who We Are

Understanding politics helps students become informed citizens – and participants. The Political Science Department encourages lively debate and imaginative problem solving.

Course Descriptions
Department Directory
Admissions | 763-433-1300
Dean Scott R. Stankey | 763-433-1396

Courses We Offer

The Political Science Department does not offer a degree.

Coursework includes Politics and Government, Comparative Politics, International Relations, Political Theory and Ideology, Public Administration, Public Law and Public Policy.

Political Science courses meet certain Minnesota Transfer Curriculum (MnTC) requirements. 

More About The Department

The goals of the Political Science Department are to help students gain an understanding of political processes, government institutions and theories of politics – locally, nationally, and internationally.

As part of the liberal arts curriculum, Political Science enables students to develop critical thinking and imaginative problem-solving skills that are necessary for involved citizenship and useful for many careers.

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