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Instructor of Nursing

MSN- North Dakota State University BSN- St. Cloud State University

Question and Answer

  • Question

    What is your approach to teaching?


    As a nursing instructor, my goal is to mentor students to become competent, compassionate and trustworthy caregivers in the community in which they practice. I believe in the importance of meeting students where they are at and supporting their growth in nursing.

  • Question

    What makes your curriculum interesting or valuable to students?


    I bring many stories of patient care into the classroom and tie it into the theory content to bring it alive, so students can connect their learning to being a nurse.

Fun Facts

  • Fun Fact #1

    I am really tall! 5'11" to be exact, and I am the shorter than my sister.

  • Fun Fact #2

    I have been to The Price is Right.

  • Fun Fact #3

    I have never met an ice cream flavor that I didn't like, though my favorites include fudge swirls and peanut butter.

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