Natural Science Department


Natural Science Department

Do you have a natural interest in science? The Natural Science Department offers fascinating courses in astronomy, geology and meteorology!

Who We Are

Are you interested in studying the natural world – from the planets and stars to the rocks that form the earth? The Natural Science Department courses help students explore and discover the physical processes of the universe.

Course Descriptions
Department Directory
Admissions | 763-433-1300
Dean Rebecca Krystyniak | 763-433-1216

Courses & Degrees We Offer

The Natural Science Department does not offer a degree, however courses offered range from astronomy, geology, meteorology, energy issues and more.

Also see:

Associate of Science (AS) degree in Biological Sciences

Associate of Science (AS) degree in Environmental Science


Weather Station at Coon Rapids Campus

Question: Notice something weird on the roof the Coon Rapids Science Building?

It’s a working weather station, maintained by the Natural Science Department and you could help take their readings!

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