Music Department

Music Department

Reveal your musical talent at Anoka-Ramsey. Our faculty will inspire you as you prepare for a career in music and develop a lifelong appreciation for the performing arts. Learn more by visiting the Music Department webpage.


Who We Are

For more than 50 years, the Music Department at Anoka-Ramsey has trained aspiring musicians and provided opportunities for all students to participate in music. Accredited by the National Association of Schools of Music (NASM), the Music Department is passionate about reducing barriers to music education and bringing out the best in all students.

Course Descriptions
Department Directory
Admissions | 763-433-1300
Dean Hannah Oliha-Donaldson | 763-433-1186

Degrees & Certificates We Offer

Courses offered range from music theory and music history to private lessons. Everyone is welcome to participate in choir, band, orchestra or one of our ten ensembles.

The Music Department offers one degree:

  • Below is a list of courses offered by the Music department. For more details, visit

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    Introduction to Music Business
    Introduction to Songwriting
    Rock and Roll History
    Jazz History
    Music History and Literature 
    Fundamentals of Music
    Music Therapy, Techniques and Materials
    Introduction to Music Technology
    Music in Film, Television and Gaming
    Audio Recording and Live Sound
    Music Theory
    Aural Comprehension
    Introduction to World Music
    Class Guitar
    Class Piano 
    Music Appreciation
    Introduction to Music Education 
    Applied Lessons
    Keyboarding Skills for Majors
    Hip Hop Music and Social Justice 
  • The Anoka-Ramsey Community College Music Department offers the Associate of Fine Arts degree (AFA) in Music. The AFA includes a complete two-year Music Theory sequence, a year of Music History, Private Individual Lessons and Performance Ensembles in Bands and/or Choirs. Students may transfer as a third year Music student in bachelor of arts, bachelor of fine arts, bachelor of Music or Bachelor of Music Education degree programs.

    Through completion of the AFA, students may prepare for careers in music teaching, music therapy, performance, composition, conducting, and music business.

    The mission of the Anoka-Ramsey Community College Music Department is two fold:

    1. To prepare students for careers and advanced study in music by offering an Associate of Fine Arts in Music
    2. To provide music as a general education offering to all students through classroom and performance courses.

    In order to fulfill this mission, the Music Department makes the following commitments:

    ♪ To offer all the courses students need to transfer into four-year music degree programs.

    ♪ To prepare each Associate of Fine Arts Degree student with a solid foundation in music.

    ♪ To prepare students artistically, intellectually, and professionally for the challenging world in which musicians now live.

    ♪ To encourage students to become supporters and advocates of music as an integral part of the human experience.

    ♪ To encourage students to develop an understanding and appreciation of the world of Art Music through general education.

    ♪ To provide opportunities for all students to participate in music ensembles.

    ♪ To provide opportunities for all students to explore individual studio instruction.

    ♪ To expose students to a diversity of global, historical and popular music.

    ♪ To offer music curricula of interest, integrity and innovation.

  • The Music Department is housed in the recently renovated Music Building. This new facility offers two large rehearsal rooms and one small rehearsal room for ensembles, a dual piano/mac lab with music writing and editing software, and eight practice rooms for individual practice. Each practice room is open to any Anoka-Ramsey student and is equipped with a Mac computer with music writing and editing software installed.

    View photos of our facilities.

  • FALL
    October 17, 11:45am-12:30pm Riverview Plaza
    Fall Music Sampler Concert

    November 16, 7pm PAC
    Jazz Ensemble Concert

    November 20, 7pm PAC
    Choir Concert

    November 30, 7:30pm PAC
    Talent Show, sponsored by the Music Appreciation Club and Theatre Club

    December 4, 2pm, M109
    Chamber Ensembles Recital

    December 4, 7pm PAC
    Guitar and World Drumming Ensembles Concert

    December 7, 7pm PAC
    Concert Band and String Orchestra Concert

    December 11, 7pm PAC
    AFA Recital

    March 1, all-day
    Jazz Festival
    Learn more:

    March 7, 7pm at Faith Lutheran Church in Coon Rapids, MN
    All-Ensemble Concert

    April 22, 7pm PAC
    Choir Concert

    April 25, 7pm PAC
    Concert Band and String Orchestra Concert

    April 29, 7pm PAC
    Guitar and World Drumming Ensembles Concert

    May 2, 7pm PAC
    Jazz Ensemble Concert

    May 6, 7pm PAC
    AFA Recital

    May 14, all-day Music Department
    Modern Band Festival
    Learn more:

  • Learn more about Ensembles here.



    Concert Choir Concert Band
    Chamber Singers Jazz Ensemble
    Cambridge Concert Choir String Orchestra
      Guitar Ensemble
      Chamber Ensembles
      World Drumming Ensemble
      Musical Theatre Ensemble
  • Melissa Bergstrom, 763-433-1328

    Full-Time Faculty

    Sam Bergstrom, 763-433-1638

    Full-Time Faculty

    Geoff Senn, 763-433-1739

    Full-Time Faculty

    Jason Vanselow, 763-433-1329

    Full-Time Faculty; department chair

    Scott Agster, 763-422-6248

    Trombone Faculty

    Matthew Bertrand

    Bassoon faculty

    Scott Johnson, 763-422-6152

    Saxophone Faculty

    Richard Joseph, 763-433-1736
    voice faculty

    Liz Kuivinen, 763-422-6077

    Piano Faculty

    Laura Levoir, 763-422-6212
    Voice faculty

    Kameron Markworth, 763-422-6193

    Bass Faculty

    anastasiya nyzkodub
    clarinet faculty

    Joel Salvo, 763-433-1628

    String Faculty

    Dave Schmalenberger, 763-422-1625

    percussion faculty

    Megan Small, 763-433-1416

    Horn Faculty

    Danielle Vinup

    Voice faculty

More About The Department

The Music Department has two main goals in meeting student needs:

  1. to offer several general music courses such as rock history, world music, music appreciation, class piano, guitar instruction, and individual studio lessons to all students regardless of music background and experience, and
  2. to offer an Associate of Fine Arts (AFA) degree in Music, a program that is fully accredited by the National Association of Schools of Music.

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