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Instructor of English

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in English, Bowling Green State University; Master of Arts (MA) in English, University of Minnesota Duluth; Bachelor of Arts (BA) in English, University of Minnesota Duluth; Associate of Arts (AA), Anoka-Ramsey Community College

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    Would you list some recent accomplishments?



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    • Erickson, Joe and Kris Blair. “The Ethos of Online Publishing: Building and Sustaining an Inclusive Future for Digital Scholarship.” Online Credibility and Digital Ethos: Evaluating Computer-Mediated Communication. Ed. Shawn Apostle and Moe Folk. Hershey, PA: IGI Global, 2013. 78-93. Print. 

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    What is your approach to teaching?


    I believe in collaborative learning that allows students and teachers to co-create knowledge and understanding together. Working within this collaborative framework, I try to help students see writing as a means of attaining agency over their emerging professional identities. I, therefore, strive to create opportunities for students to practice multiple forms of writing in my classes to help them develop skills that will empower them in their efforts to join and promote change within the communities they encounter as emerging professionals.

    As a teacher, I am a student of my students. As I teach them, I learn from them. They inspire my work this way.

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    What inspires you as a teacher?


    My students inspire me. I look forward to meeting each new group of students every semester because I love hearing about their goals, ambitions and dreams. As a former community college student myself, I can't help but become excited for my students as they begin the same educational journey I began so many years ago. 

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    How would you describe what happens during one of your most successful classes?


    When everyone is so motivated to contribute to a class discussion that I have to scrap my class plan so we can talk a little longer, that's a successful class period.  

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    How do you help your students get the most out of your class?


    I always begin each new semester by learning as much as I can about my students. I ask them about their current interests and concerns, and I also try to learn about their long term goals so that I can start each semester from a point of departure where students are comfortable and steer our work together toward outcomes that support their goals.

Fun Facts

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    I was blind for the first two years of my life because of problems with the nerves that control the movement of my eyes. I have had two surgeries since I was born to correct this problem, and now I can see very well out of one of my eyes but not the other.

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