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Computer Science program

North Branch, MN

Question and Answer

  • Question

    What was your biggest challenge while attending college?


    Finding the capacity to take classes while working full time and having a family.

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    Anything you want people to know about the Computer Science program at Anoka-Ramsey?


    You won't find a better AS in Computer Science program!

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    Who were your favorite instructors?


    Tim Wrenn - Tim is a great professor, one who genuinely cared about the students and the quality of their education. He has real-world experience and is committed to making sure we received a solid foundation in computer science and computational thinking.

    Dan Heinks - Dan was the best math professor I had. He could explain things 10 different ways and if you still didn't grasp the concepts he'd find an 11th. Great professor who was always willing to help. Dan made calculus a breeze!

Fun Facts

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    Matt's hobbies include astronomy, photography, 3D printing, board gaming, hiking and playing guitar.

  • Fast Fact # 2

    Matt's current job is IT Manager - Operations & Desktop/Device Support at Zinpro Corporation.

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