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Computer Science program

Elk River, MN

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    What is one thing you want people to know about Anoka-Ramsey?


    It was probably one of the best decisions that I had made in my education because it provided a great education at really low tuition cost. It helped me achieve a bachelor's degree without having a lot of student debt built up afterward.

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    Anything you want people to know about the Computer Science program at Anoka-Ramsey?


    The Computer Science program is a wonderful program that is taught by Tim Wrenn, who has done a great job of helping students understand the core computer science concepts. That understanding had prepared me very well for when I transferred to the University of Minnesota to continue my education.

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    Have you received any recognitions or awards?


    I had worked as a Computer Science Tutor for the Tutoring center and I was the president for the Computer Science club for a couple of years. I also worked with alumni to come in and talk about what they do in their IT positions after graduation, and I had received the vice presidential scholarship award.

Fun Facts

  • Fast Fact #1

    Mack likes to build custom PCs and cool gadgets in his spare time.

  • Fast Fact # 2

    Mack's dream job was to work at Apple, where he works now. He now plans to advance at Apple and hopes to be a director of Software Engineering for macOS.

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