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Small Business Accounting

Program Information

Business Certificates focus on the development of job- or career-specific skills in a short-term, concentrated format. Many courses may apply toward an Associate of Science (AS) degree and/or an Associate of Applied Science (ASS) degree in Accounting or Business. For additional information, visit our website at

  • By completing this program, students will achieve the following learning goals:

    1. Prepare journal entries and financial statements.
    2. Use critical thinking skills to analyze and solve business problems.
    3. Appropriately use technology to solve business problems.
    • A minimum of 12 semester credits in courses numbered 1000 or above must be completed at ARCC.
    • A minimum cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 2.0 in courses numbered 1000 or above at ARCC.
    • All accounting and computer courses should be completed within the last seven years in order to transfer into this program.
    • All courses requirements must be complete before a certificate will be awarded.
    • To complete your program, please submit the appropriate application found here.
    • The requirements of this program are subject to change without notice.


    NOTE: You are encouraged to contact an academic advisor at 763-433-1230 for course planning assistance and information about transfer credit evaluation and transfer options.


    17 credits

    BUS 1112    Computer Concepts and Applications     3
    BUS 1134* Computerized Accounting 2
    BUS 1135* Payroll Accounting 2
    BUS 1143 Decision Making Using Excel 3
    BUS 2125  Financial Accounting 4
    BUS 2215 Legal Environment of Business 3
  • First Year

    Fall Semester Spring Semester
    BUS 1112 3 BUS 1134* 2
    BUS 2125 4 BUS 1135* 2
    BUS 2215 3 BUS 1143 3
    TOTAL 10 TOTAL 7

     *Offered Spring Semester only

  • *Some occupations may require advanced education

    • Bookkeeper
    • Account Manager
    • Accounting Associate
    • Project Assistant
    • Small Business Underwriter
    • Small Business Controller
    • Deputy Recorder
    • Investment Operation Associate
    • Associate Financial Aid Analyst
    • Cash Receipting Specialist
    • Business Intelligence Analyst
    • Financial Analyst
    • Staff Accountant
    • Data Analyst
    • Administrative Assistant
    • Business Analyst


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