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Kirsten Kennedy

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Psychology program

North Branch, MN

Question and Answer

  • Question

    Why did you choose Anoka-Ramsey?


    I have five children and wanted to be available to them while pursuing my degree. Anoka Ramsey offered small class sized and easy access to instructors.

  • Question

    What is one of the best aspects of Anoka-Ramsey?


    The easy access to all aspects of pursuing my education: knowing that if I have a question or need help, resources and counseling were accessible; opportunities to participate in clubs and senate for every student; and academic helpers and a well-staffed and friendly pool of tutors. Most important to me was the access and ability to communicate with my instructors when I needed extra help or had a scheduling conflict. 

  • Question

    Name one thing you want a prospective student to know about Anoka-Ramsey.


    Each instructor cares about who you are and where you would like to go and they will help you achieve your dreams.

Fun Facts

  • Fast Fact #1

    Kristen began serving as mayor of North Branch, MN in January 2015.

  • Fast Fact #2

    Kirsten dream job is to be a Director of the International Watch Group for Human Rights.

  • Fact Fact #3

    Kirsten's motto while at Anoka-Ramsey: "If I can do this, anyone can! Playing small does not serve the world; so I won’t."

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