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Kayshree Jagannath

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Psychology program

Albertville, MN

Question and Answer

  • Question

    What made you decide to attend college after high school?


    I wanted to further my education so that in the long run I would have a more stable job and be more educated in general. Also, I’ve always loved learning so for me I didn’t feel  forced to come to college. It was my decision and it kept me busy.

  • Question

    Why did you choose Anoka-Ramsey?


    I chose Anoka-Ramsey because I love the friendly environment of people and the staff is so friendly. There are also a wide variety of programs courses to choose from, and it’s part of the MnTC.

  • Question

    What is one of the best aspects of Anoka-Ramsey?


    The diversity of students on campus.

Fun Facts

  • Fast Fact #1

    Kayshree modeled through the John Casablanca’s Model and Talent Agency for two years.

  • Fast Fact #2

    One of Kayshree's wild dreams is to live to see the day that someone comes up with a cure for Cystic Fibrosis (CF).

  • Fun Fact #3

    Kayshree served as President of the Multicultural Club at Anoka-Ramsey.

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