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Fern Deno

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Meet Fernande (Fern) Deno
Instructor of Nursing

Master of Science (MSN) in Nursing, University of California San Francisco​

Question and Answer

  • Question

    Would you list some recent accomplishments?


    • Certified Nurse Educator
  • Question

    What is your approach to teaching?


    I work to promote clinical reasoning in the classroom as well as the clinical setting. I also work to help students build on previously learned knowledge to become excellent clinicians.

  • Question

    What are some ways that you help students succeed when they need extra help?


    I encourage students to set up one-on-one appointments to discuss what may be impacting their learning and aid in developing strategies to promote success.

Fun Facts

  • Fun Fact #1

    I dance in an adult dance class (tap and jazz) and participate in dance recitals.

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