Geography Department


Geography Department

Have you ever wondered how the Earth's processes work, why places differ from one another, and how humans relate to their environment? Geography is a discipline that bridges the social and natural sciences, and helps students to gain a holistic understanding of the world around them.

Who We Are

The Geography Department faculty have a wide range of interests and expertise, from postcolonial studies to geology to tourism to capitalistic critiques and more. Geography faculty encourage students to critically engage with the world around them by asking not only “what?” and “how?” but also “why?”.

Course Descriptions
Department Directory
Admissions | 763-433-1300
Dean Scott R. Stankey | 763-433-1396

Degrees & Certificates We Offer

The Geography Department does not offer a degree, but does offer courses in Geography of the United States, Introduction to Human Geography, Physical Geography, World Regional Geography, Minnesota Geography, and special topics or independent study.

Certain Geography courses at Anoka-Ramsey satisfy Minnesota Transfer Curriculum (MnTC) requirements.

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