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    What has been the best aspect of Anoka-Ramsey for you?


    The best aspect of Anoka-Ramsey is that it offers a clean campus with a very friendly and personable faculty and staff. The small class sizes and the fact that the college does a lot for its students, including providing scholarship opportunities, also helps to make Anoka-Ramsey a great place to continue your education.

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    Have you received scholarships and awards at Anoka-Ramsey?


    I have received, the General Foundation Scholarship, the 2015 ARCC-Cambridge Writing Competition and ARCC Cambridge Campus Student of the Year for 2015-2016. I also served in Phi Theta Kappa and was on the Cambridge Campus Dean’s List.

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    Do you have any favorite instructors?


    I have had a great experience with all of my professors, so it is difficult to pick just a few. One that stands out is Dr. Crystal Pierce. I took her Astronomy class and she made it fun and exciting. She is also able to teach students in a way that makes complicated material easy to absorb and understand. Another great professor I have had is Andy Aspaas. He explains the material very clearly and concisely, and his enthusiasm for chemistry is contagious. Dawn Alexander-Payne is an outstanding history professor. She is absolutely hilarious, and makes her World War 2 class a real joy. I have taken more classes from Jeffrey Knapp than any other instructor. He explains things very well and his classes are always engaging.

Fun Facts

  • Fast Fact #1

    Charles dream job is to be a pharmacist.

  • Fast Fact # 2

    Charles has a Russian Blue cat names Smokey.

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