World Languages Department


World Languages Department

The ability to speak more than one language is a distinct career advantage in our “global village” today – whether you major in a second language or not. The World Languages Division faculty opens new doors for students with ASL, Chinese, French, German and Spanish language courses.

Who We Are

Students seeking a four-year degree can fulfill their college language requirement at Anoka-Ramsey before transferring. And because language and culture are intertwined, the department also offers courses in Chinese, French, German and Latin American culture. Culture courses are taught in English.

Course Descriptions:
ASL Chinese French German Spanish
ASL Chinese French German Spanish
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Meet Judah Porter

Judah Porter
Meet Judah Porter
Chinese Language
Meet Judah Porter
Chinese Language

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Courses We Offer

Anoka-Ramsey offers a Spanish degree and transfer pathway (beginning fall 2018).

Language Courses (satisfy MnTC goals 7 & 8)
Anoka-Ramsey offers ASL, Chinese, French, German and Spanish (with both day and evening sections of ASL and Spanish) on the Coon Rapids Campus while the Cambridge campus offers two languages: ASL and Spanish.  In the summer, students may also take first-semester Spanish (SPAN 1101) at the Coon Rapids Campus.

Culture Courses (satisfy MnTC goals 6 & 8)
Learning about different cultures is an important part of studying a language. This is reflected all our language courses which include in their title “Language and Culture.”  However, we also offer Chinese, French, German and Latin American culture courses, which are taught in English and cross-listed under Humanities.  Chinese, French and German culture courses are offered fall and spring semesters, while the online Pre-Columbian Latin American Culture is usually offered in the summer.


  • According to an April 2012 Newsweek article, World Languages ranks among the top 10 most useful college majors (i.e. most likely to lead to employment and higher earnings). But whether or not you choose to major in a language, becoming bi-lingual opens one’s mind to other ways of thinking. It also opens doors to career choices which require knowledge of a second language. In addition to providing a competitive edge when joining the work force, there are many additional proven benefits from learning a second language - even before you enter the job market. In fact, studies suggest that while studying a second language, you may even become a better student in your other classes by improving your English grammar as well as your memory, attention span, multi-tasking skills and creativity.

    With the rise of globalization, four-year colleges are increasingly recognizing the importance of learning a second language.  Most colleges and universities require one or two years of COLLEGE-LEVEL course work in a single world language for admission and/or graduation.  But there is no need to wait.  You can fulfill your language requirement at Anoka-Ramsey before transferring.

  • To successfully learn a language, it is important to enroll at the appropriate level. The rule of thumb is that one semester of college language is equal to two years of high school language. However, there are other factors to consider, such as how many years have passed since you last used the language as well as the different approaches and materials covered in different language programs.  Therefore, before enrolling in a foreign language, you are strongly encouraged to take the placement test (password "coonrapids") for French, German, and Spanish. If you still have questions after seeing your test results, email a language instructor for further guidance.

  • The Coon Rapids Campus offers three dedicated smart-rooms specifically designed for language instruction (two for foreign languages and one for ASL). There is also a state-of-the-art language laboratory equipped with dedicated software and hardware such as Robotel Symposium and Smart Class Plus for audio practice and testing.

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