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Master of Business Administration (MBA), Robert Morris University, PA; Bachelor of Science (BS), Human Resource Management, Geneva College, PA

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    Teaching Statement


    Truly caring about my students. School is difficult, knowing I want to help them succeed is crucial for the learning process.

    Lecturing at a minimum, doing as many in-class activities as possible, and engaging the students at their personal educational level. People learn by thinking about the material, defining it in their own minds, and by doing.

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    What inspires you as a teacher?


    My students and the desire to develop their potential. We all have the ability to be successful. I am rewarded every day in my classroom.

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    What makes your curriculum interesting or valuable?


    I was born in Europe, Scotland,and have traveled the globe. These experiences have given me a unique perspective on how to view the business world. Diversity awareness and cultural inclusion are essential people skills in the workplace, Being able to talk about them in the classroom is a positive way to learn why they are so important for professional success.

    My curriculum is valuable because I relate the course material to the business world in which my students work at this time in their lives and project it into the future. People skills, managerial skills, and business communication skills, are the foundation of the workplace.

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    What are some ways that you help your students succeed?


    Personal meetings, eliminating as much stress from the course as possible, creating a safe and secure classroom environment, and finding out what is happening in their lives. Going to school is not a stand-alone endeavor. My students are working, playing sports, parenting, etc. I help them overcome the obstacles created by having too many time demands.

    I also include the four different types of learning styles into my course material. In addition, I open the complete course from day one to allow the students to work within their own schedule.

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    How do you help your students get the most out of your classes?


    I ask them for their thoughts and opinions and have them actively engage in the class discussion. The knowledge students bring into the classroom is extraordinary – tapping into what they already know or have experienced in the workplace is a wonderful way for all of us to learn.

Fun Facts

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    I love what I do. I feel teaching is a purpose-driven career and am happy for the opportunity to be around my students.

  • Fun Fact #2

    I have my private pilot’s license.

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