College congratulates Coon Rapids and Cambridge students on winning 2nd Annual OSCARS

College congratulates Coon Rapids and Cambridge students on winning 2nd Annual OSCARS

Undergraduate Research project awards

Taylor Borgman, Tyler Leng and Andrew Steward, students at Anoka-Ramsey Community College, received the 1st Place trophy for their undergraduate research project at the 2nd Annual OSCARS Symposium on the Coon Rapids Campus.

May 12, 2017

Congratulations to Coon Rapids and Cambridge Campus students who presented and won the college’s 2nd Annual OSCARS (Outstanding Scholarship, Creative Activities and Research Symposium) in May.

Coon Rapids Campus

Humanities and Social Sciences
1st Joehey Cici, Honors in Action: Youth Homelessness
Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society; Faculty Mentor: John Herbert

2nd Kayla Bowe, Organize an Activity
PHIL 1110; Faculty Mentor: Mo Janzen

3rd Riley Packhard-Rau, Walk for Awareness
PHIL 1110; Faculty Mentor: Mo Janzen

STEM and Health
1st Taylor Borgman, Tyler Leng and Andrew Steward, Optimization of a BFCatalyzed Biodiesel Reaction and MALDI-TOF Mass Spectrometry Analysis of a Lipid Feedstock
CHM 2062; Faculty Mentor: Patty Pieper

2nd Lindsey Terres, A Comparison of Golf Course and Park Ponds on Water Quality and Macroinvertebrate Populations
BIOL 2230; Faculty Mentor: Joan McKearnan

3rd Vladimir Petrenko, Integrating Undergraduate Research Experiences for Nurses: An Expansion of the Wolf Project
BIOL 2214; Faculty Mentor: Paula Croonquist

Creative Projects/Presentations
1st Chisom Owhonda: Life So Far
CMST 2220; Faculty Mentor: Stacie Mariette

2nd Courtney ConVett and Richard Ongidi, Dramaturgy: LGBT and the Rocky Horror Show
THTR 2230; Faculty Mentor: Blayn Lemke

3rd  Rachel Cawthra, David Cocherell and Fanaka Ndege, Working as an Intern: Editors for Poetry City, USA
Internship; Faculty Mentor: Jasmin Ziegler

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Cambridge Campus

Humanities and Social Sciences
1st Josh Bohnen, Jessica Bustrom, Megan Claassen, Nolan Hentges and Brad Slaughter, How Parents and Teachers Perceive their Communication to Influence a Child’s Education
CMST 1110; Faculty Mentor: Angie Anderson

2nd Colin Alferness, Carolyn Helland, Jessica Helland, Cynthia Kennedy and Ryan Stichter Communicating with Others about Being Bullied
CMST 1110; Faculty Mentor:  Angie Anderson

3rd Axel Kylander: Triumphus Mortis, An Analysis of Brueghel's "The Triumph of Death"2
HUM 2271; Faculty Mentor:  Kirsten Dierking

STEM and Health
1st Pheylan Anderson, Effects of Wildflower Field Management Practices on Pollinating Insect Counts
Biology Independent Study; Faculty Mentor:  Melanie Waite-Altringer

2nd Richard Flannery, Rachel Geurts and Regina Zabinski Relationship of Temperature, Concentration, and Solution Type with Conductivity
CHEM 1062; Faculty Mentor:  Andy Aspaas

3rd Robin Parr, Erin Saari, April Stancer, The Effects of Light Therapy on Sleepiness During Night Shift Work
NURS 2800; Faculty Mentor:  Shawn Meyer

3rd Jonah Hinks, Becca Nelson and Chip Vang, The Effect of Particle Size on Color Properties in Solutions of Semiconductor Compounds
CHEM 1062; Faculty Mentor:  Andy Aspaas 

Creative Projects/Presentations
1st Chelsey Schindeldecker: Creative Works of a College Girl
Creative Writing Club; Faculty Mentor: Jennifer Hutchens

2nd Chelsey Schindeldecker: Lessons from Drawing and Painting
ART 1241; Faculty Mentor: Marko Marian

3rd  Fallow Fahnestock, Snowflake:16”x24” Stained Glass Art
ART 1121; Faculty Mentor:  Rick Schneider

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