2019 Athletic Hall of Fame Ceremony honors star athletes

2019 Athletic Hall of Fame Ceremony honors star athletes

2019 Anoka-Ramsey Athletics HOF inductees

Front Row: Michael Dahlheimer, Pat Hager, Jessica Wick Maroto, Chris Katke, Valerie Isaacs Prusi, Lisa Raitz Setterlund, Michelle Helfrey Sullivan, Maegan Prickett Caouette Back Row: Tom Yelle, Sarah Cecka Fahning, Sara Hempel, Julie Anaker Krech, Kristi Bierschbach Dunker, Leslie Lucas Weide, Katie Reginer Walker, Danika Okerstrom, Liza Kunzman Jackson, Jessica Tommerdahl, Becky Groseth, Tom Duval

March 01, 2019

For the fourth year, Anoka-Ramsey Community College celebrated star athletes with an Athletic Hall of Fame Ceremony in February. The event is connected outstanding alumni athletes to the current Anoka-Ramsey Community College community.

“Through the process of selecting the exceptional alumni athletes to be inducted in the Hall of Fame and planning the induction ceremony, the committee is maintaining and building relationships with alumni and the community. This is something we haven’t had the resources to do before the tradition of the Hall of Fame,” said David Alto, Anoka-Ramsey athletics director.

“Our president, Kent Hanson, has a passion for the Hall of Fame event and his leadership in helping the department get everything up and running for the first year and this year has played a vital role in making the Hall of Fame an Anoka-Ramsey athletic tradition,” Alto concluded.

The Athletic Hall of Fame was initiated in 2016 to honor athletes, coaches and community members who have made meaningful contributions to Anoka-Ramsey Golden Rams athletic programs.

Inductees for the 2019 Hall of Fame

Women’s Basketball 1992-94

  • Sarah Cecka

Men’s Wrestling 1971-73

  • Mike Dahlheimer

Men’s Soccer 2010-2012

  • Pat Hagar

Baseball Coach 1987-2016

  • Tom Yelle

Women’s Basketball Team 1996-97

  • Julie Anacker
  • Kristi Bierschbach
  • Michelle Helfrey
  • Sara Hempel
  • Valerie Isaacs
  • Chris Katke
  • Liza Kunzman
  • Leslie Lucas
  • Danika Okerstrom
  • Maegan Prickett
  • Lisa Raitz
  • Katie Reginer
  • Jessica Wick
  • Paul Fessler: Head Coach
  • Tom Duval: Assistant Coach
  • Carrie Carpenter: Student Manager
  • Erin Moller: Student Manager
  • Jessica Tommerdahl: Student Manager
  • Becky Groseth: Interpreter

For more information about Anoka-Ramsey Community College Golden Rams Athletics, visit: ARCCGoldenRams.com

To submit an exceptional alumni athlete for next year’s Hall of Fame visit: ARCCGoldenRams.com/Information/Hall_of_Fame_Nomination_Form

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