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Instructor of English

Master of Arts (MA) in English, National University; Master of Arts (MA) in Education, College of St. Catherine; Bachelor of Science (BS) in Secondary English Education, Maranatha Baptist Bible College

Question and Answer

  • Question

    What inspires you as a teacher?


    I am inspired by the challenge of teaching as an art because there are many ways to approach the curriculum, and finding the best way to deliver it to students keeps me engaged in teaching.

  • Question

    How would you describe what happens during one of your most successful classes?


    A successful class period is one in which students are talking about the material, asking questions, and feeling challenged to think about something entirely new or something known in a new way.  A successful literature course involves students gaining a new, sharper perspective that allows them to better understand the literature, themselves, and others.

  • Question

    What makes your curriculum interesting or valuable to students?


    Writing well is a life-long skill.  I hope students in my composition courses leave feeling ready to tackle any writing that comes their way in future courses, knowing that writing is a process of constant revision and self-expression. Understanding others and appreciating our differences is also a necessary life skill, and studying literature allows us to gain expertise in that area. I hope the students in my literature courses find a renewed interest in the literature of the course and that they understand literature is a way to learn more about themselves, others, and the world we all share.

  • Question

    How do you think students describe your teaching methods and classes?


    I would feel successful if students describe me as an approachable professor who offers courses that are organized, interactive, and challenging.

  • Question

    What are some ways that you help students succeed when they need extra help?


    Oftentimes, a brief office visit is all students need to feel supported and encouraged in a course, and I encourage students to visit with me if they have concerns about their course progress. It is always time well-spent.

Fun Facts

  • Fun Fact #1

    I am a Yooper. (I grew up in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula on a small bay of Lake Superior.)

  • Fun Fact #2

    I am 100% Finnish.

  • Fun Fact #3

    I love to travel and have visited England twice, once specifically to visit British literature sites in and around London. It was fascinating to see the places associated with the authors and literature I teach.

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