Student Life Committee Recommendation

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Student Life Committee Recommendation



The Student Life Committee for each Anoka-Rasmey Community College campus will forward fee recommendations and a budget plan for the following fiscal year to the college president by March 15 each year.

Deadline:  March 15


  1. The format for the recommended spending plan will include the following categories of information.



Previous Year Funding Level

Previous Year Expenditures

Current Year Funding Level

Next Year Recommendations

  1. Recommendation  of student life fee for next fiscal year
  2. Please identify and explain any request for credit/workload changes and elimination/addition/reduction of activities.


  • Any budget revision must be approved by the college president or designee.
  • Request(s) for expenditure of contingency dollars are to be approved by the college president or designee.



11.2002 Adopted

06.2009 Updated 


Guidelines should be utilized for assistance with complying with Anoka-Ramsey Policies and Procedures and do not provide exclusive representation of Anoka-Ramsey Administrative and Managerial authority. Anoka-Ramsey Administration maintains inherent managerial right according to Minnesota State College Faculty (MSCF) Article 6, Section 1

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