Procedure 3B.5/11 Academic Standards

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Procedure 3B.5/11 Academic Standards


Reporting Grades (10/14/99; 4/7/03) 

Grades are to be posted electronically by faculty no later than 12:00 midnight four calendar days following the last day of the term or class, whichever is earlier. Exception: For courses that meet less than three times (i.e., BUS 1189/BUS 2189 courses), grades are to be posted at the end of the term.

Final Exams (10/14/99) 

All instructors are required to meet with their classes according to the published final exam schedule either for a final exam, final unit test, or other appropriate evaluating or culminating educational experience. Exceptions for this requirement must have prior approval by the supervisor in writing. 

If faculty do not return final exams to students, faculty should retain final examinations until the end of the fourth week of the subsequent semester (excluding Summer Semester). Upon request, the final exams should be made available to students for review in the presence of the faculty member.

Credit by Examination (11/01/99) 

Students or prospective students who are able to demonstrate achievement in the content of a college course may receive advanced placement or credit toward a degree through Credit by Examination. The following regulations apply:

  1. Approval for the examination must be granted by the President or designee.
  2. Credit does not count toward residency requirement.
  3. Student failing exam will not be allowed to retake exam for same course.
  4. A maximum of 10 credits may be earned at ARCC through Credit by Examination.
  5. Students must register for the exam and pay a fee of $15 per credit.
  6. Faculty assigned to conduct exam will be paid in accordance with the Employment Contract.
  7. Credits do not count in college’s enrollment.

Field Trips (10/14/99) 

  1. The class schedule should indicate which courses require field trips at hours other than scheduled class periods.
  2. Instructors should inform students of required field trips in writing (on the syllabus) the first day of the class.
  3. Students should be informed that going on a required field trip does not excuse them from work in other classes.
  4. Students should be told about the consequences (if any) of missing a field trip. Students who cannot attend a field trip should have optional alternative assignments so that they will not be forced to miss work or other classes.
  5. Fees need to be estimated and included in the course description in the class schedule.

Repeating Credit Courses (3/2002) 

A student may repeat a course for purposes of achieving a higher grade or to review material. 

While all grades remain on the transcript, only the most recent grade of a course will be used to compute GPA. 

Certain courses attempted more than twice require the student to register as a non-credit student on a space available basis. Registration for these courses will be assessed the non-credit registration amount.



Adoption date unknown

04.2003 Grade Reporting Section Updated




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