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Work-Study: What You Need to Know

What is Work-Study?

Work-study is financial aid in the form of a part-time job (generally 5-15 hours per week during the school year; up to 30 hours per week during the summer). Students may work on-campus in a department of their choice, subject to job availability. Students earn $9/hour. In addition to earning a paycheck every two weeks, work-study allows students to work around their academic schedule, (including evenings and weekends), and to build a resume and/or establish references.

Eligibility for work-study is granted for students who complete their financial aid file early, show need, and indicate an interest in a work-study position. On a very limited basis, students who complete their financial aid file and do not show need, may be able to participate in work-study.

If you receive a work-study award and wish to pursue a job, you may select a job opening from available job listings, and arrange for an interview with the Supervisor/Department of your choice. If you are hired, pick up a work-study authorization packet including a W-4 and I-9 at the Financial Aid Office. These documents must be completed and returned to the Financial Aid Office BEFORE you begin any work!

Federal Work-Study (FWS) —Typical award of $4500/year at Anoka-Ramsey, which can be earned working 5-15 hours/week at $9/hour

Minnesota State Work-Study (SWS) —Typical award of $4500/year at Anoka-Ramsey which can be earned working 5-15 hours/week at $9/hour

Institutional Work-Study—Non-need-based; limited to highly-skilled workers or hard-to-fill jobs

Student Employment Opportunities 

Student Worker Responsibilities:

  • Assure all necessary paperwork has been completed, submitted to and processed by the Financial Aid Office BEFORE beginning work.
  • Maintain enrollment in at least six credits.
  • Treat your work-study position as a real job--in all aspects we emphasize the learning of effective work habits.
  • Arrange your work schedule with your supervisor and make sure you notify your supervisor anytime you will be late or are unable to appear for work.
  • Complete your e-Timesheet accurately, completely, and on time.
  • Monitor your earnings.
  • Maintain satisfactory academic progress in your classes.
  • Understand your supervisor’s expectations for daily assignments and/or training.
  • Keep personal visits, phone calls or interruptions to an absolute minimum.
  • Do personal projects/class work on your own time, not paid work-study time.
  • Use ARCC equipment and supplies for work use only.
  • Respect confidentiality expectations as established by your supervisor.
  • Remain professional and courteous to students, staff, faculty, and the public.
  • Work Study Student Handbook

Please note: If you violate any of these responsibilities, your work-study may be terminated.

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Supervisor Responsibilities:

  • Assure that BEFORE a student is allowed to begin work, all the required paperwork has been completed, submitted to and processed by the Financial Aid Office.
  • Grant realistic interviews to students and hire the best eligible candidate for the job.
  • Arrange for appropriate and effective training.
  • Treat work-study students as real employees--in all aspects make the job a realistic work experience for students.
  • Observe class commitments when scheduling students’ hours.
  • Provide adequate supervision.
  • Be certain e-Timesheets are completed accurately before signing.
  • See that e-Timesheets are approved online by the appropriate due dates.
  • Monitor students’ usage of work-study authorization.
  • Evaluate students’ performance.
  • Discipline and/or terminate student workers for poor performance if necessary.
  • Call the Financial Aid Office with any questions or concerns regarding work-study.
  • Work Study Supervisor Handbook
  • Work Study Performance Evaluation for Student Workers
  • Progressive Discipline

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Tips for e-Time

  • Payroll is processed only for students who have completed the Work-Study Authorization Form and remain otherwise eligible for work-study, i.e., remain enrolled for a minimum of six credits per term, maintain satisfactory academic progress, etc.
  • Only the hours worked may be reported on the e-Timesheet. Students are not entitled to sick pay, overtime, vacation, or holiday pay.
  • Pay periods are two weeks in length--beginning every other Wednesday.
  • e-Timesheets for each pay period must be submitted and approved online by Wednesday at 10 a.m. following the end of each pay period.
  • Paychecks are either mailed to your permanent address the second Friday following each pay period or directly deposited into the student’s checking or savings account. Make sure your mailing address remains current.
  • Students need to submit accurate and complete e-Timesheets by the due dates in order to receive timely payment.
  • Students are allowed a 15-minute rest period during each four hours of work.
  • Students who work a time span exceeding six hours are required to take a 30-minute unpaid lunch period. Hours reported on an e-Timesheet may be reduced by one-half hour if time spans do not show the proper break.
  • Work-study is taxable. Students will receive a W-2 statement from the MN State Colleges and Universities Central Office for IRS reporting purposes.
  • Pay Periods

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Common Errors on e-Timesheets

  • Your e-Timesheet is submitted and approved after the deadline.
  • You have not completed a work authorization.
  • You have not allowed for the appropriate work authorization processing time-frame and your authorization has not been processed. 
  • Student has not submitted all their hours.
  • Supervisor has not approved your e-Timesheet by the deadline.
  • Hours submitted are the same as student’s class time.
  • Hours are reported on a state holiday.
  • Student has exceeded work-study authorization amount.