Course Delivery

Course Delivery


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These classes meet at scheduled times and locations, but there may be extra requirements to make sure everyone is safe.

Hybrid or blended

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Hybrid or blended courses are a combination of both on-campus classroom meetings and online coursework. They will have fewer meeting times than a traditional classroom course, but will require students to review course materials, participate in discussions and complete assignments via the internet.

Hyflex or blendflex

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Hyflex or blendflex courses are where students toggle between face-to-face, synchronous online and asynchronous online experiences running simultaneously. Students choose to attend as many or as few face-to-face sessions and they complete the course with no penalty.

Mostly online

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Mostly online courses have nearly all instruction delivered online. No more than two required activities or meetings of the class as a cohort may occur face to face in the same physical location. The course may have required proctored exams in addition to the one or two face to face meetings. The course may have required synchronous components.

Completely online-asynchronous

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Completely online-asynchronous courses are delivered entirely online. There are no face-to-face meetings, no proctored exam requirements and no required synchronous meetings.

Completely online-synchronous

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Completely online-synchronous courses where all instruction is delivered online. There are no face-to-face meetings, no proctored exam requirements, but there are required synchronous meetings (class meets online at a specified time and day).

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