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Communication Access

  • American Sign Language Interpreters

    Individuals with barriers pertaining to communication (i.e. Deaf, hearing loss) who utilize ASL must request interpreters as needed for all school related activities including classes, campus events, group projects, field trips, club/organization meetings, etc.

    Things to know about this accommodation:

    • Students must complete the Steps to Request Accommodations and have a current Letter of Accommodation for the semester during which they are requesting ASL Interpreters
    • Community members needing access to ARCC programming can Request ASL Interpreters campus event
    • While OSD will do their best to coordinate and honor every request received, we cannot guarantee services for requests made less than 5 business days in advance
    • Students/community members are responsible for canceling requests in a timely manner

    Request ASL Interpreters for courses (students)

    To coordinate and confirm interpreters for semester classes it is best to have an official Letter of Accommodation in place at least one month prior to beginning semester classes.

    1. Complete your Welcome Meeting with OSD and be approved for ASL interpreters
    2. Send your course schedule to as soon as possible. It is best to have your semester schedule confirmed at least a one month prior to semester start

               Please use the following subject line for your request: Attention: ASL Interpreter Request

    1. Meet with OSD as needed to communicate complex requests or coordinate details

    Request ASL Interpreters for campus event

    To request an interpreter for activities/events students, faculty, and staff should send the following information to  at least 5 business days prior to the requested date.

    Please use the following subject line for your request: Attention: ASL Interpreter Request

    Contents of the email should include:

    Primary contact name and email address:
    Start time:
    End time:
    Location (address):
    What is the event (i.e. fall performance, orientation)?
    How many people will be attending?
    What is the set up of the event (classroom, meeting, performance, etc.)?
    Is there other information that would be helpful for the team?
    Please include any materials that would be helpful for interpreters to review prior to event.


    Cancellations and Changes

    • Please email at least 1 business day prior to the date needing to be canceled
    • If changes are made to a semester schedule, students must contact OSD as soon as possible to coordinate and update their interpreter schedule
    • In the event students stop attending classes, withdraw, or have other circumstances that prohibit attendance and completion of a class, student must inform OSD immediately

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