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Women's Studies

WOST 1100 -- Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies,   3 credits Search Current Course Schedule
Common Course Outline
(Meets MnTC Goal 7 and 9)

Recommended Skills, Abilities, or Coursework: College-level reading and writing skills

This course provides an introduction to the academic discipline of Women's and Gender Studies. This interdisciplinary survey course will explore a number of topics, emphasizing how feminist theories and methodologies provide a useful framework for analysis. Topics covered may include the social construction of gender, women and work, women and religion, violence against women, women's health and reproduction, trans-national feminist coalitions, sexuality, women's cultural and artistic expression, and women as a force for social change. Both men and women are welcome in this course.

WOST 1108 -- Biology of Women,   3 credits Search Current Course Schedule
Common Course Outline
(Cross-listed as BIOL 1108)

(Meets MnTC Goal 3 and 7)

Study of the biological aspects of being a woman. Analysis of assumptions concerning women's biology and women's health care including importance of taking a responsible role in personal health care. Explores female and male reproductive anatomy and physiology, sexual development, issues related to women's health and disease, pregnancy and birth, contraception and infertility, menopause, and other topics. Includes a reproductive anatomy and physiology-based lab-like experience. Open to both women and men.

WOST 1145 -- Gender in Society,   3 credits Search Current Course Schedule
Common Course Outline
(Cross-listed as SOC 1145)

(Meets MnTC Goal 5 and 7)

Recommended Skills, Abilities, or Coursework: SOC 1111 recommended, but not required. College-level reading and writing

An introduction to the sociological study of gender. Sociological perspectives, research, and current issues related to gender in society are presented. Topics may include gender as it relates to media, family, work, politics, power and inequality, education, religion, socioeconomic forces, race/ethnicity, sexuality, social movements, and social change.

WOST 2120 -- Psychology of Women,   3 credits Search Current Course Schedule
Common Course Outline
(Cross-listed as PSYC 2120)

(Meets MnTC Goal 5 and 7)

Prerequisites: PSYC 1110 or WOST 1100 with a grade of C or better

This course is an introduction to the theories and research concerning the psychology of women. The course will explore the way that biological, cultural and psychosocial issues affect the psychological development of women. It will include topics such as sexism, the construction of gender categories, gender comparisons, and female identity formation. It will also explore contemporary women's issues related to education, work, and family.

WOST 2233 -- Women in American Culture,   3 credits Search Current Course Schedule
Common Course Outline
(Cross-listed as HUM 2233)

(Meets MnTC Goal 6 and 7)

Designed to introduce students to issues of gender, class, and race in the United States social and cultural histories. Examines the cultural legacies and traditions which have shaped both the past and present. Provides an appreciation for the role women have had in this country's progress and examines the impacts gender assumptions play in work, social values, and directions for our nation's future.

WOST 2234 -- Women in a Global Perspective,   3 credits Search Current Course Schedule
Common Course Outline
(Cross-listed as HUM 2234)

(Meets MnTC Goal 6 and 8)

Introduces the study of gender and women's issues in countries outside the USA. Designed to examine issues of cultural diversity, race, class, religious and social structures, literature and the arts, politics and economic development in countries such as China, Africa, the Pacific Rim, Europe, Russia, and Latin America.

WOST 2242 -- History of Women in Modern America,   3 credits Search Current Course Schedule
Common Course Outline
(Cross-listed as HIST 2242)

(Meets MnTC Goal 5 and 7)

This course examines women's experiences in America from 1900 to the present. We will consider the relationship between race, class, gender and sexuality as we learn about women's roles as reformers, consumers, activists, students, mothers, workers, immigrants, etc. Topics covered include: African-American women and the "Jim Crow" south, women's participation in reform movements, the achievement of the right to vote and the debate about the Equal Rights Amendment, women in the "Roaring Twenties" and Great Depression, the "Feminine Mystique" and Cold War America, women's participation in major social movements such as the Civil Rights Movement, the anti-Vietnam War movement, the Black Power movement, and the Women's Rights Movement. We will read extensively from original documents ("primary sources") for class discussion and to develop critical-thinking skills about historical methods.

WOST 2299 -- Independent Study,   Search Current Course Schedule
Common Course Outline
Independent Study allows a student to earn credit while participating in a supervised learning experience in a community-based or work setting. Students must have successfully completed two courses in the discipline in which they want to undertake independent study. Forms are available in the Educational Services Office. All arrangements must be made prior to registration for the semester in which the project is scheduled and must be approved by the appropriate Dean of Educational Services. In addition, a project outline must be approved by the instructor who will supervise the student's work.


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