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JOUR 1100 -- Introduction to Mass Communication,   3 credits Search Current Course Schedule
Common Course Outline
(Cross-listed as CMST 1100)

(Meets MnTC Goal 2 and 9)

Survey of the history, structure, functions, and responsibilities of newspapers, radio, television; critical consideration of the mass media's role in society; discussion of press and broadcast technology.

JOUR 1109 -- Practical Experience in Journalism,   1 credit Search Current Course Schedule
Common Course Outline
Practical work experience in reporting, editing, and photography for the college's newspaper. Work without credit on the college publications is open to any student. Credit is offered for those especially interested in journalism and willing to meet certain minimum time standards and to participate in weekly staff meetings. Students may repeat this course three times to gain a maximum of 4 credits.

JOUR 1189 -- Topics:,   Search Current Course Schedule
Common Course Outline
This course has been developed as a potential permanent course. The course must follow all the same policies and procedures related to curriculum outlined by the college. It does not duplicate existing course offerings. Refer to course notes for specific course description.

JOUR 2121 -- Media Writing,   3 credits Search Current Course Schedule
Common Course Outline
(Meets MnTC Goal 1)

Introduction to basic techniques and strategies for gathering information and presenting it in writing for the various mass media. Instruction in writing news and feature articles, news releases, public relations, broadcast and advertising copy.

JOUR 2131 -- Reporting, Writing, and Editing for Online Publications,   3 credits Search Current Course Schedule
Common Course Outline
(Meets MnTC Goal 1)

Recommended Skills, Abilities, or Coursework: Typing, experience using the Internet

This course introduces students to both the theory and practice of online journalism. It exposes them to a wide range of readings about this still evolving field as well as equally comprehensive readings of the best of contemporary online journalism. In addition to reading and mastering course texts, student are also required to master the basic skills of online reporting, writing and editing for the Internet by developing a series of postings ranging from daily blogs to investigative features to commentaries. Students in this class engage in the entire news process from story ideation, identification of sources, research and reporting, writing, revising, editing, and interactive response to readers. In addition, students are expected to master the use of hypertext links in the creation of online copy and be given an opportunity to post digital sound recordings, video and photography to enhance their reporting. Working with the instructor, students post their edited work at one of the community's online publications.

JOUR 2141 -- Photojournalism,   3 credits Search Current Course Schedule
Common Course Outline
A course in photography for publication, with an emphasis on digital photography and producing photographic images for delivery through a digital medium. Areas of instruction include the operation of the digital camera, preparing images for digital display, principles of photographic communication, photography as part of the journalistic process, photojournalism history, law and ethics, and the use of computers in photographic communication.

JOUR 2151 -- Multimedia Productions,   3 credits Search Current Course Schedule
Common Course Outline
Recommended Skills, Abilities, or Coursework: JOUR or CMST 1100

Instruction in designing, creating and delivering audio and video content for delivery through digital media, particularly the Internet, using computer software, hardware and peripherals. Exploration of multimedia interactivity. Examination of media aesthetics, law and ethics as they pertain to multimedia production.

JOUR 2299 -- Independent Study,   Search Current Course Schedule
Common Course Outline
Independent Study allows a student to earn credit while participating in a supervised learning experience in a community-based or work setting. Students must have successfully completed two courses in the discipline in which they want to undertake independent study. Forms are available in the Educational Services Office. All arrangements must be made prior to registration for the semester in which the project is scheduled and must be approved by the appropriate Dean of Educational Services. In addition, a project outline must be approved by the instructor who will supervise the student's work.


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