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Have you received your acceptance letter for the PSEO program at Anoka-Ramsey? Congratulations! You now qualify to complete a PSEO orientation session.

Below you will find information on how to prepare for orientation, what to expect at orientation, and drop-down menus with the available dates/times we offer orientation. When you are ready, schedule your session by choosing an available date from the menu drop-downs below, and complete the online sign-up survey.

How to Prepare for Orientation

  • Know Your StarID and Password.
  • Complete the Accuplacer or have qualifying ACT, SAT, or MCA results.
    • Need to schedule an Accuplacer or learn if your alternate scores qualify for placement? Click here.
  • Complete your PSEO Advising Form.
    • Meet with your high school counselor, dean, or school official and complete the Advising Form prior to your orientation session.
    • Need a new form? Click here.
  • If applicable, send official transcripts of AP/IB scores to Anoka-Ramsey.
    • If you have not completed an AP or IB course, you do not need to complete this step.
  • Log into your Anoka-Ramsey Email Account and find your actual Email Address.
    • Hover over the "Current Students" tab at the top of Anoka-Ramsey's homepage with your mouse, and select the "Email" option in the drop-down menu that appears.
    • Your email username will be your starID, followed by
    • Your password will be the same as your starID password.
    • To find your actual outward-facing Anoka-Ramsey email address, click here and follow the steps.
  • Learn about Star Alert.
    • Star Alert allows you to receive college closing or emergency communications to your email or phone. You are automatically enrolled in Star Alert as a registered student. Click here to learn more about the service and change any preferences you have regarding your account.

What to Expect at Orientation

Our team is so excited to meet you! Below is our schedule so you know what to expect for the day.

  • Check-In (beginning 15 minutes prior to each session)
  • 1st hour: Group Presentation
    • Our admissions staff will talk to the group about general college information, PSEO-specific policies, campus resources, and will give a registration tutorial.
  • 2nd hour and a half: Advising Small Groups & Registration
    • Students will break into small groups of 4-5 and meet with their assigned academic advisors. Advisors will talk with their small group about how their student can contact their assigned advisor. They will then check in individually with each student to provide students with course recommendations. 
    • Students will register for their semester classes with the course recommendations given by their advisor. Orientation staff and their assigned advisor will help them complete their registration.

We hope that once you leave orientation, you have met your assigned advisor, have a schedule of courses for your first semester, and feel comfortable with your next steps at Anoka-Ramsey.

How to Reserve an Orientation Session

  1. In the section below, select the link for the date/time of orientation you would like to attend.
  2. Fully complete the online sign-up survey that appears. 
  3. If the session you choose is closed, you will be prompted to choose a different session.
  4. Save the confirmation email we send you to your email you included in your sign-up survey.
You must see a confirmation page that verified you have completed the survey in order to have reserved the orientation session you selected.

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