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Joshua Chase

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Creative Writing program

Las Vegas, NV

Question and Answer

  • Question

    What originally brought you to Anoka-Ramsey?


    I came to Anoka-Ramsey because it was close to my home and offered degrees in English and Creative Writing. At the time, I hadn’t decided which of the two degrees I wanted to pursue. A school with both options seemed like the best fit.

  • Question

    What is the best Aspect of Anoka-Ramsey?


    The teachers, hands down. I’ve always read a lot, but while at Anoka-Ramsey I had teachers who gave me entirely new perspectives on the writers and works I was already interested in. I knew I liked certain authors, but couldn’t really put my finger on why. After my time at Anoka-Ramsey, I had a much better understanding.

    My favorite teachers were Tracy Turner (Intro to Lit), Michelle Herrin (Creative writing for the Stage and Screen, Intro to Creative Writing), Scott Stankey (American Literature) and Kathryn Kysar (Creative Nonfiction). All these teachers gave me new ways to look at things. Their classes were challenging and rewarding.

  • Question

    Name one thing you want people to know about Anoka-Ramsey.


    This school is a great place for people like me, who have completed some college long ago, but aren’t quite sure how to get back into the swing of things.

  • Question

    What is one thing you want people to know about the Creative Writing program at Anoka-Ramsey?


    The Creative Writing program gave me a great overview of different writing styles. I got to explore everything from poetry and screenwriting to fiction and creative nonfiction. Not only that, but the required literature classes gave me a great chance to study the greats, which can only help my own writing.

Fun Facts

  • Fast Fact #1

    Joshua's dream job is to be a Creative Writing or Literature instructor at a community college.

  • Fast Fact #2

    After finishing a four-year degree at Metropolitan State University, Joshua plans to apply to a doctoral program at University of Minnesota.

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