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Emergency Medical Services (EMS)

Program Information

Starting Spring 2021

The Emergency Medical Services (EMS) certificate is a 18-credit program designed to prepare students for gainful employment in the field of EMS or to transition to further their EMS education. This certificate is offered in partnership with Anoka Technical College and can be completed entirely on the Cambridge Campus. Students who choose to complete this certificate at the Cambridge Campus will register for the EMED courses through Anoka Tech.

  • By completing this program, students will achieve the following learning outcomes:

    1. Prepare entry level EMS providers to be employable upon completion
    2. Provide up-to-date EMS education to all interested parties
    3. Be a sound, responsible partner to stakeholders in the EMS industry
    4. Create pathways of transferability to higher level EMS Education Programs
    5. Manage the finances of the program in a cost-effective, prudent
  • All Students completing the Emergency Medical program must complete all courses with a grade of a C or higher.

  • First Semester


    11 Credits

    EMED 1113*  Emergency Medical Technician 1 4
    EMED 1114* Emergency Medical Technician 2 5
    BIOL 1102 Medical Terminology 2

    *Students will register for the EMED courses through Anoka Technical College  

    Second Semester


    7 Credits

    BIOL 1106 Principles of Biology I 4
    Choose one of the following Communication courses    
     CMST 2200 Interpersonal Communication 3
     CMST 2210 Intercultural Communication 3

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