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Exercise Science

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The Associate of Science Exercise Science Degree will allow students with an interest in physical fitness and exercise performance to develop a scientific understanding of the body’s response to exercise. Students will develop the ability to assess and analyze human movement, and will have the knowledge to prescribe exercise to a various populations and provide instruction on proper mechanics and techniques of movement.  Areas of study include first aid and CPR, nutrition, wellness, weight training and conditioning, prevention and care of injuries, kinesiology, exercise physiology, and fitness testing and exercise prescription. 

Developmental Courses

Some students may need preparatory courses in the areas of English, mathematics or reading. Courses numbered below 1000 will not apply toward this degree.

  • By completing this program, students will achieve the following learning goals:

    1. Demonstrate knowledge of the major components of physical fitness;
    2. Describe the roles and functions of the musculoskeletal, cardiorespiratory, and nervous systems in the performance of physical movement;
    3. Describe and demonstrate assessment techniques and methods for cardiovascular and muscular strength and endurance;
    4. Demonstrate ability to design and modify exercise training programs;
    5. Demonstrate ability to identify and assess factors to support optimal performance and injury prevention.
    • A minimum of 60 semester credits in courses numbered 1000 or above.
    • A minimum cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 2.0 in courses numbered 1000 or above at ARCC.
    • Satisfy residency requirements. See page 27 of the Anoka-Ramsey Academic Catalog
    • A minimum grade of C must be earned in all program requirements.
    • Completion of specific degree requirements.
    • To receive your diploma, you must apply to graduate.
    • The requirements of this program are subject to change without notice.

    NOTE: The requirements of this program are subject to change without notice. You are encouraged to contact an academic adviser at 763-433-1230 for course planning assistance and information about transfer credit evaluation.

  • 24 credits

    HPER 1103 First Aid and CPR 3
    HPER 1112 Nutrition 3
    HPER 1120 Wellness for Life 4
    HPER 1160** Weight Training and Conditioning 0
    HPER 1200 Anatomy of Movement 2
    HPER 2205 Prevention and Care of Athletic Injuries  2
    HPER 2206 Exercise Physiology  4
    HPER 2207*+ Fitness Testing and Exercise Prescription 2
    HPER 2208^ Concepts in Personal Training  2
    *Course has prerequisite - see course schedule or catalog description.
    ^Course requires Instructor permission.

    **HPER 1160 is taken in conjunction with HPER 1120 and will count into
    the four credits for that class.
    +HPER 1200 is a prerequisite for HPER 2207.
  • 36 credits

    Complete at least 36 credits in the courses from the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum (MnTC), including all courses listed. You must complete at least one course in six of the ten goal areas. One course may satisfy more than one emphasis area, but the course credits may be counted only once.

    1. Communication
      ENGL 1120* OR ENGL 1121* 4
      CMST 2215 3
    2. Critical Thinking
      Choose a minimum of one course other than
    ENGL 1120/1121 and CMST 2215.
    3. Natural Science (2 courses required; 1 must be a lab)
      BIOL 1106 4
      CHEM 1020 OR CHEM 1061* 3
      BIOL 2113* 4
      BIOL 2114* 4
    4. Mathematical/Logical Reasoning
      MATH 1114* 4
    5. History/Social/Behavioral Sciences
      PSYC 1110 4
      Choose one course from A or C  
     6. Humanities/Fine Art  
     7. Human Diversity   
      (Addressed with PSYC 1110)  
     8. Global Perspective  
    9. Ethical/Civil Responsibility  
    10. People and the Environment  
    *Course has prerequisite - see course schedule or catalog description.
  • The sequence that follows is suggested for full-time students. Part-time students will need more time to complete this program.

    Fall Semester

    Spring Semester

    CHEM 1020 OR 1061 4
    ENGL 1120/1121 4
    HPER 1200 2
    HPER 1205 2
    Elective 3
    TOTAL 15
    BIOL 1106 4
    HPER 1103 3
    HPER 1120/1160 4
    PSYC 1110 4
    TOTAL 15

    Fall Semester

    Spring Semester

    BIOL 2113 4
    HPER 1112 3
    HPER 2205 2
    HPER 2206 4
    Elective 2
    TOTAL 15
    BIOL 2114 4
    CMST 2215 3
    HPER 2207 2
    HPER 2208 2
    MATH 1114 4
    TOTAL 15
  • *Some occupations may require advanced education

    • Exercise Specialist
    • Cardiac Rehabilitation
    • Health & Fitness Specialist
    • Strength & Conditioning
    • Personal Training 
    • Assisted Living Facilities
    • Athletic Coaching
    • Athletic Enhancement
    • Pre-Physical Therapy
    • Pre-Occupational Therapy
    • Pre-Chiropractic
    • Pre-Physical Assistant
    • Pre-Speech Pathology
    • Pre-Athletic Training
    • Exercise Science Graduate School 

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