Mission & Vision

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Mission & Vision

The Mission

Anoka-Ramsey Community College is an open-door, comprehensive higher education institution committed to excellence in teaching and learning. Anoka-Ramsey is committed to responding to the educational needs of its changing communities and to providing opportunities for enhancing knowledge, skills, and values in a supportive learning environment.

The Vision

Anoka-Ramsey Community College is committed to developing articulate, critical and creative thinkers who are responsible contributors to the community.

  • Anoka-Ramsey Community College:

    • Values trust, fairness, honesty and integrity in all interactions
    • Promotes opportunities for lifelong intellectual, professional, and personal learning
    • Provides an integrated collegiate learning experience stressing basic skill development, academic excellence, employable skill preparation, and intellectual rigor
    • Embraces diversity within and beyond the college and responds to the needs of its local community, nation, and world
    • Encourages creative thinking and intellectual curiosity
    • Promotes continuous improvement through innovative ideas and technologies
  • The college will provide the following:

    • Courses leading to these degrees: associate in arts, associate in science, associate in fine arts, and associate in applied science
    • College-level, lower-division courses that transfer to four-year colleges and universities
    • General education courses that enhance a student’s social, cultural, multicultural, and intellectual knowledge and experiences
    • Occupational courses and programs that enable students to acquire and upgrade skills and knowledge leading to employment or re-employment
    • General education courses for joint programs and courses for cooperative programs offered by Anoka-Ramsey Community College and other higher education institutions
    • Developmental education that enhances the student’s skills necessary for success in college coursework
    • Continuing education in the form of credit and non-credit courses and workshops for purposes of gaining employment, advancing professionals, upgrading skills, and addressing training and retraining needs
    • Comprehensive student development programs, including professional, social, cultural, multicultural, and recreational activities
    • Student services that assist students with personal, educational, and career goals
    • Community services in the form of cultural forums and lifelong learning opportunities
  • Anoka-Ramsey Community College continually reviews and assesses its curriculum. Throughout this process, the College is committed to developing students’ commitment to lifelong learning through clear thinking, effective communication, accepting diversity, and ethical decision making. As a result, the College will provide learning experiences that promote learning in the following areas:

    • Clear Thinking: thinking through reasoning, creating, and reflecting
    • Effective Communication: integrating information with experience and expressing insights
    • Accepting Diversity: understanding and respecting individuals and local, regional, national, and global communities
    • Ethical Decision Making: maintaining responsibility for environmental, political, economic, social, and personal concerns
  • Academic Accountability
    To provide quality educational experiences that help students achieve their educational and career goals and leave the college with core learning skills applicable over their lifetime.

    To preserve and promote the college’s open-door policy by providing access to quality educational programs and services for students and community members.

    To maintain and develop curricula within all educational, continuing education, and customized training programs that prepare learners for success within a global marketplace and develop their commitment to lifelong learning through clear thinking, effective communication, accepting diversity, and ethical decision-making.

    Institutional Culture
    To create and share responsibility for maintaining an institutional culture that models our core values, collegiality, creativity, diversity, leadership, and scholarship.

    To provide and support excellence in instruction in all disciplines and program areas with an emphasis on encouraging the creation and delivery of exemplary learning experiences.

    To maintain and develop internal and external partnerships that lead to the cooperative and coordinated delivery of unduplicated quality educational programs and services and quality economic, cultural, and community development.

    Support Services
    To continually improve services that help teachers teach and students succeed.

    To leverage electronic education and services as core elements of college functions in the pursuit of the College’s comprehensive mission.

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