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Academic Accommodations are supports that attempt to remove barriers for students with disabilities and increase access to the environment, the completion of tasks, or achievement of an outcome. The purpose of accommodations is to make education equitable, providing students with what they need to restore the unbalance between individuals with and without disabilities in educational settings.

  • Note taking accommodation requests are reviewed and determined on a case-by-case basis when necessary for access. Note taking accommodations are not considered a substitute for students’ full participation in class.

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  • Testing accommodation requests are reviewed and determined on a case-by-case basis. Testing accommodations do not change the content or nature of exams/quizzes, rather address the way in which students complete them to ensure equitable access for individual needs.

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  • Traditional paper textbooks do not always offer full access to materials.  Students who utilize text-to-speech, magnification/enlargement, and other products may need their physical textbooks in an electronic format to use those assistive technologies. 

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  • Students with barriers pertaining to communication (i.e. Deaf, hard-of-hearing) who utilize ASL must follow the application process and request accommodations/services.  ASL interpreters can be provided to students for any and all school related activities including: classes, campus events, group projects, field trips, club/organization meetings, etc.

    Requesting ASL Interpreters for semester classes:

    In an attempt to coordinate and confirm interpreters for semester classes it is best to have an official Letter of Accommodation in place at least one month prior to beginning semester classes.

    Things to know about this accommodation:

    • Students must be approved and have a current Letter of Accommodation for the semester during which they are requesting ASL Interpreters
    • Students should do their best to have semester schedules confirmed a minimum of one month prior to semester start
    • If changes are made to a semester schedule, students must contact OSD Coordinator as soon as possible to request a change
    • In the event students stop attending classes, withdraw, or have other circumstances that prohibit attendance and completion of a class, student must inform OSD Coordinator at least 1 week prior to ensure interpreters can be canceled
    • In the event of an absence from class, students must inform OSD coordinator

    Requesting ASL Interpreters for campus events:

    To request an interpreter for activities/events: students, faculty and staff should email to get directions on how to fill out the Request Form at least 5 business days prior to the requested date.

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