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Desire2Learn - D2L

Upcoming D2L Downtimes for Failover Testing

D2L will be unavailable during two Sunday morning maintenance windows this summer to perform testing of the D2L failover process and environment.

The downtimes will be:

Sunday, July 27 from 5 AM – 9 AM for switch from Production to Failover environment
Sunday, August 3 from 5 AM – 9 AM to switch back from Failover to Production

Take these downtimes into consideration when planning your D2L usage this summer.  D2L status will be posted at http://status.mnscu.edu/desire2learn/.

User Experience

When we are on the Failover environment from July 27 to August 3, users will have access to their D2L accounts, courses, content, etc.  Failover will look exactly the same as Production to the user.  Any changes made or any work performed in D2L during this failover period will be retained and will be visible to users after we switch back to Production.

D2L Failover Background

The D2L Failover environment is available for emergency situations, but needs to be tested on occasion, similar to having an annual fire drill.  We will go through the process of failing over during a non-emergency situation to make sure we are prepared in the event of an emergency.  The failover testing is a necessary part of our commitment to providing resilience and availability of the D2L system. 

What is D2L?

Desire2Learn (D2L) is a course management system that is used for students enrolled in seated, hybrid, and online courses.  Many faculty in face-to-face and web-enhanced courses use D2L to provide course materials to their students online.  Unless designated as an online course, some courses may not be listed on D2L.  Go to the D2L login page.

D2L System Status

If D2L becomes unavailable, check the D2L system status page.  This page will indicate any issues with the system and when the system will be back online and fully operational.

Using D2L for the First Time

  1. Activate your free student email account.
  2. Perform a D2L system check to be sure that your computer meets the minimum requirements for accessing D2L.  Some courses may require that you install additional plug-ins.
  3. To login to D2L, your username is your StarID.  Your password is your StarID password.  For StarID help,  go to http://starid.mnscu.edu/.
Students will be able to login to D2L 55 days before the semester starts but not access their courses until the first day of the semester unless otherwise specified by the instructor.  Students will not be able to see their D2L courses listed until the instructor makes their courses active.

Learn How to Use D2L

Training Sessions 

Training sessions are held at the beginning of each semester.  Registration is NOT required to attend a training session.




Cambridge Campus  

Thursday 8/28/2014 5:00 PM - 6:30 PM Room F203




Coon Rapids Campus

Monday 8/25/2014 5:00 PM - 6:30 PM Room T210

Phone: 763-433-1510
Email: it.helpdesk@anokaramsey.edu
In Person:

Cambridge Campus, Rm. F207
Coon Rapids Campus, Rm. T124