MANE Nursing Education at Anoka-Ramsey Provides Access to Baccalaureate Education

MANE Nursing Education at Anoka-Ramsey Provides Access to Baccalaureate Education

July 05, 2016

An article from the Summer 2017 Issue of the Anoka-Ramsey Community Newsletter

Community Newsletter

The Anoka-Ramsey Nursing program at Coon Rapids and Cambridge is the largest among Minnesota community colleges. The college has offered the program for nearly 50 years, beginning shortly after the school was founded. The Cambridge Campus Nursing program opened in 2003 to reach more students in greater Minnesota. Today there are 3,000+ Nursing alumni from Anoka-Ramsey. 

The Nursing program admits 112 students every semester, with a graduation rate of 85 percent or higher. The program educates nurses of all ages, from 17-year-old high school students through the Post-Secondary Enrollment Option (PSEO) to students in their mid-sixties.

Since implementing the MANE curriculum, the program has seen even higher graduation and completion rates, including successful board certifications for students. “We want to be sure that students get the support they need to follow through and complete the program,” says Dean of Nursing Sandra Kohler.

MANE curriculum attracted Alumna Christine Andres to Join Faculty

When Christine Andres was working toward her Associate of Science in nursing at the Cambridge Campus in 2005, she thought she might return later to teach. “I love the health care field,” says Andres. She earned a Bachelor of Science in Biology from the University of Wisconsin–Oshkosh, then worked in marketing and sales—but always had a desire to pursue a career in health care. She felt that nursing was a perfect fit for her.

After moving to Minnesota, Andres earned her Associate of Science in nursing at Anoka-Ramsey, followed by a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Metropolitan State University. She then worked at Kanabec County Public Health as a Family Health Supervisor for 10 years.

Andres stayed in touch with Anoka-Ramsey faculty and classmates and attended fundraising events. She revisited the idea of teaching. Finally, after completing her doctorate in Nursing Practice at the University of Minnesota in 2014, she began as a part-time instructor at the Cambridge Campus in 2014, becoming a full-time faculty member in 2015.

Andres was especially attracted by the MANE curriculum. “That was something I was extremely passionate about, and I wanted to be here to teach that curriculum,” Andres says. “The program is designed to create critical thinking in nurses, to help them handle complex health care needs and the changes that are happening in the system.”

The first course in the MANE curriculum is based on wellness, health promotion and preventive health care, “which is different than what had been presented historically,” Andres says. “It is a way of educating nurses, enhancing nurses to be more effective and have an impact in the workforce.”

Speaking of her students, Andres explains, “I hope they have a positive experience that will help them achieve success in nursing practice, and will make them well prepared to contribute to the profession. I think the students are amazing. They’re working really hard to achieve their academic goals. They are dedicated to their nursing academic journey.”

Anoka-Ramsey MANE Nursing students hosted a Health Fair at each campus during spring semester. Another event to benefit students was a Health Care Career Fair presented by the Anoka-Ramsey Career Services and current Nursing Leadership class April 20.

Anoka-Ramsey faculty members and staff encourage Nursing alumni to join future Health Fairs.

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