Coon Rapids Campus provides new private space for Muslim traditions

Coon Rapids Campus provides new private space for Muslim traditions

August 22, 2017

Anoka-Ramsey Community College aims to achieve a higher level of acceptance for Muslim traditions with an Ablution/Wudhu  وضوءroom on the Coon Rapids Campus. This new addition makes Anoka-Ramsey one of the first campuses in the northwest suburbs to offer Muslim students a safe, private room to perform Wudhu.

The Islamic faith calls for its followers to engage in five daily prayers and before each of those prayers Muslims are expected to purify themselves physically, typically with water. The minor/physical form of this purification is called Wudhu وضوء.

Attempting to perform this tradition daily in public restrooms was not ideal for Muslim students at Anoka-Ramsey. Students brought their concerns to the Director of Diversity and Multiculturalism, Venoreen Browne-Boatswain, who directed their concerns to the college’s senior leadership. The administration approved converting a restroom into the Ablution/Wudhu room. The room is located across from the Mosaic Center, an educational hub designed to promote diversity and cross-cultural learning and appreciation within the campus community.

Browne-Boatswain believes this effort shows Muslim students and staff that the Anoka-Ramsey community welcomes and supports them.

“We’re providing the ablution room to make sure students feel welcome and safe to practice their religion,” said Browne-Boatswain.

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