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Online Registration/Payment/Financial Aid Agreement

  • I am responsible for all academic and financial obligations resulting from registration transactions. 
  • Unless my tuition is deferred based on financial aid, a payment plan, 15% or $300 per MnSCU policy, or a payment authorization from an outside agency/party, I will make full payment of tuition and fees by the established payment deadline.
  • I understand ARCC reserves the right to cancel my registration due to non-payment and/or non-deferment.
  • I have read and understand applicable ARCC student policies and procedures, in particular, those that apply to Add/Drop/WithdrawRefunds and Satisfactory Academic Progress.

I agree to all registration/payment terms above. I am ready to register and/or pay!

I do not agree to registration terms above!

I intend to register for a non-credit course or a Kid-U program