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Home School Resource Page

Dantes Subject Standardized Tests (DSST) and CLEP Testing 

Anoka-Ramsey Community College is currently in the process of setting up both CLEP and DSST testing opportunities at the Coon Rapids campus.  Credits from both DSST and CLEP are accepted by Anoka-Ramsey Community College.  To determine how the test results will transfer into Anoka-Ramsey, please use the transfer equivalency guide on the U.Select website by following the directions below.

  • Go to transfer.org and click on Equivalencies by School. 
  • Select Minnesota from the State dropdown, and then select Anoka-Ramsey Community College from the School dropdown.
  • In the Step 2 section, click on the circle next to Standardized Examinations, then click the box to the right of the desired test (CLEP or DSST).  Click on Add Schools.
  • Finally, the selected test should show up in the Step 4 box.  If it is correct, click on Create Guide.
  • Once the guide is created, you can select your desired test from the drop down on the left side.  It should show how all tests from that testing company transfer in to Anoka-Ramsey. 
  • If you have additional questions on how DSST or CLEP transfer in to Anoka-Ramsey, please contact Admissions at 763.433.1300.

Anoka-Ramsey DSST and CLEP testing information Page- Coming Soon!

For more information on DSST or CLEP, please visit their websites:

               DSST- www.getcollegecredit.com

               CLEP- https://clep.collegeboard.org


Testing information for Home School students considering PSEO

Anoka-Ramsey does not currently offer any testing on campus that can be used to qualify for admission to PSEO.  Students are welcome to take any nationally standardized test such as the Iowa Basic, Stanford Achievement Test, California Achievement Test (CAT) PLAN, or ACT.  The state of Minnesota does require annual, nationally standardized achievement tests, most of which would work for PSEO admissions standards.  Please contact the admissions office if you are unsure of whether a test will be accepted for PSEO admissions.


Helpful links and external resources for Home School students, or students considering Home School options

Minnesota Department of Education FAQ- Homeschool/Nonpublic Schools FAQ 

Please note that Anoka-Ramsey does not endorse the following organizations’ beliefs or resources.  The external sites are listed as resources for researching home school options and information. 

MACHE- Minnesota Association of Christian Home Educators: http://www.mache.org/

MHA- Minnesota Homeschoolers’ Alliance: http://homeschoolers.org/