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This website is an excellent resource. It has links to just about every topic including citation rules, grammar, ESL resources, thesis statements, and tips for writing in different academic subjects.

This site will give you information about individual grammar terms, sentence structure, paragraphs, and essays.

This is a great grammar website. There are printable worksheets, in addition to definitions and quick tips. This site is very easy to follow and a good place to go if you want some basic rules or practice.

This site includes information for ESL writers and writers with a learning disability, advice about writing thesis statements, and guidelines for writing papers in specific subjects.

Are you confused about what exactly plagiarism is? This site can help. 


This is a learner’s dictionary, so it gives definitions in very simple, easy-to-understand language. 

This is a very good online dictionary. If you are not sure how to spell a word and enter your best guess, the website does a pretty good job of generating a list of words that you might mean.