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Academic Support Center Tutors


Major: Nursing

Future Plans: I hope to become a nurse anesthetist.

Interesting Fact: I have 2 dogs named Magoo and Nala. I consider them my furkids.


Major: Mathematics

Future Plans: I would like to do something that involves a lot of math! However I am not sure what!

Interesting Fact: I love to read fiction, especially fairy tales and I play piano.



Major: Pre-engineering

Future Plans: Transfer to University of Minnesota-Twin Cities for civil engineering.

Interesting Fact: I grew up on a pig farm.




Major: Mathematics

Future Plans: I want to publish one of my novels at some point.

Interesting Fact: I am double jointed!


Major: Nursing

Future Plans: Obtain BSN and work in health care while continuing towards a psych degree.

 Sabine     Major:  Psychology

Future Plans:  Continue school and become a behavioral therapist.


  Major: Nursing

Future Plans:  I plan on finishing school as a nurse practioner then going to uganda to build a hospital there. 

 David     Major:  Biochemistry

Future Plans:  Medical research pertaining to cellular aging.

Interesting Fact:  I enjoy longboarding, riding my motorcycle and MMA training.


  Major: Undecided

Future Plans:  I plan to attend a small liberal arts college to pursue a bachelor's degree in history and secondary education.  I hope to become a high school teacher someday.

Interesting Fact:  I wrote a book which was published a few years ago, A Kid's Guide to the Rules of Golf.  It teaches the rules of golf in a simple enthusiastic way so that many kids will learn to play and love the game!

 Xinyuan   Major:  Accounting

Future Plans:  Graduate from ARCC then transfer to U of MN.

Interesting Fact:  I like proofreading and cat pictures online.