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The Founders: the Origins of the ANC and the Struggle for Democracy in South Africa

Artifact & Artifice: Classical Archaeology and the Ancient Historian
The Forgotten Kingdom: the Archaeology and History of Northern Israel
A Pueblo Social History: Kinship, Sodality and Community in the Northern Southwest
Tomb Treasures in the Late Middle Kingdom: the Archaeology of Female Burials

The Absolute Beginner’s Big Book of Drawing & Painting
Expressive Portraits: Watercolor and Mixed Media Techniques

Pegasus, by Danielle Steel

Careers in Biotechnology

China: How the Empire Fell
An Intellectual History of China
Tang China in Multi-Polar Asia: a History of Diplomacy and War

The Golden Age of Maritime Maps: When Europe Discovered the World 

Mayo Clinic Going Gluten Free 

Ancient Persia: a Concise History of the Achaemenid Empire, 550-330 BCE
Artifact & Artifice: Classical Archaeology and the Ancient Historian
Becoming Ottomans: Sephardi Jews and Imperial Citizenship in the Modern Era
Beyond Ainu Studies: Changing Academic & Public Perspectives
Britain and the Bomb: Nuclear Diplomacy, 1964-1970
The Cambridge History of the First World War (3 vols.)
The Company and the Shogun: the Dutch Encounter with Tokugawa Japan
Confronting Memories of WWII: European and Asian Legacies
Conquest and Resistance in the Ethiopian Empire, 1880-1974: the Case of the Arsi Oromo
Cultural Heritage of the Great War in Britain
Desperate Magic: the Moral Economy of Witchcraft in 17th Century Russia
Everyday Life in Russia: past and present
The Forgotten Kingdom: the Archaeology and History of Northern Israel
The Formation of Kurdishness in Turkey: Political Violence, Fear and Pain
For the Betterment of the Race: the Rise and Fall of the International Movement for Eugenics and Racial Hygiene
Healthy Living in Late Renaissance Italy
A History of Modern Tibet (3 vols.)
Hitler and Czechoslovakia in World War II: Domination and Retaliation
How Could This Happen: Explaining the Holocaust
Irish Dancing: Cultural Politics and Identities, 1900-2000
The Irish Revolution: an Illustrated History, 1912-25
Josephus, the Emperors, and the City of Rome: from Hostage to Historian
Maritime Networks in the Mycenaean World
Medieval and Monastic Derry: 6th Century to 1600
Meiji Restoration Losers: Memory and Tokugawa Supporters in Modern Japan
Monarchy and Modernity in Egypt: Politics, Islam and Neo-Colonialism between the Wars
Ottoman Refugees, 1878-1939: Migration in a Post-Imperial World
The Rise of Market Society in England, 1066-1800
The Roman Empire at Bay, AD 180-395
Routledge Handbook of Southeast Asian History
Secret Intelligence in the European States System, 1918-1989
A Sense of Place: the Political Landscape in Late Medieval Japan
Slavery in Medieval and Early Modern Iberia
The Soldier in Later Medieval EnglandState, Faith, and Nation in Ottoman and Post-Ottoman
Stephen the Great and Balkan Nationalism: Moldova and Eastern European History
World War I and Propaganda
World War I Companion
York: the Making of a City, 1068-1350 

Uncommonly Savage: Civil War and Remembrance in Spain and the United States
War and Revolution in Catalonia, 1936-1939

Symmetry: a Very Short Introduction

Dr. Suzanne Steinbaum’s Heart Book

Recognizing & Reporting Red Flags for the Physical Therapist Assistant 

Adopting Older Children
Annual Review of Psychology 2015

Animal Wise: the Thoughts and Emotions of Our Fellow Creatures
Biofuel Crops: Production, Physiology, and Genetics
Bringing Fossils to Life: an Introduction to Paleobiology
Environmental Geology
Essentials of Igneous and Metamorphic Petrology
Evolution of Phylogenetic Systematics
Extracted: How the Quest for Mineral Wealth is Plundering the Planet: a Report to the Club of Rome
Free-Ranging Dogs & Wildlife Conservation
The Gap: the Science of What Separates Us from Other Animals
Glacial Geology: Ice Sheets and Landforms
Groundwater Science
Hear Where We Are: Sound, Ecology, and Sense of Place
Human Evolution: Genes, Genealogies and Phylogenies
Introduction to Mineralogy
Mid-Ocean Ridges
The Nature and Properties of Soils
Neanderthal Man: in Search of Lost Genomes
North American Amphibians: Distribution and Diversity
Ocean Biogeochemical Dynamics
Oceanography: an Invitation to Marine Science
Oil in the Environment: Legacies and Lessons of the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill
Our Sun: Biography of a Star
Parasitism: the Diversity and Ecology of Animal Parasites
Principles of Sedimentology & Stratigraphy
The Science of Ocean Waves
Structural Geology
Unseen Cosmos: the Universe in Radio

Enslaved Women in America: from Colonial Times to Emancipation






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