Library Service for Faculty

Bibliographic Instruction

Library faculty will provide Information Literacy instruction on the MnPALS and MnLINK catalogs and databases from EBSCO, GALE, JSTOR, PROQUEST, etc.,  Internet, print and non-print resources. Instructors are encouraged to bring their students to the library and use its many resources (as a class or individually). Please contact Library Faculty:  Al, Gina, or Barbara.


Librarians are available to assist students, faculty, and staff with all their reference/research needs and questions. Contact Library Faculty:  Al, Gina, or Barbara.

Interlibrary Loan (ILL)

Faculty, staff, and students may borrow library material from 300+ libraries throughout the state of Minnesota. Faculty/staff may book videos from the Minnesota Community College Film and Video Consortium (MCCFVC) for a specific date. Faculty may also do ILL of videotapes from libraries outside of "MCCFVC" from one to four weeks, at the discretion of the lending library--request for specific dates is not guaranteed. Interlibrary loan of books are for a minimum of three weeks. Articles are photocopied and become the property of the patron. MINITEX Electronic Document Delivery (MEDD) is also available for those who have an email address listed on their MNPALS record.

Requesting AV materials from other libraries

There are two ways for the library to requesting AV materials from other libraries.  They are:

  1. Through the MCCFVC consortium(videos and DVDs only):  The consortium consists of the seven community college libraries, Anoka Tech and Hennepin Tech.  I communicate directly to their consortium office for all requests (An email will be sent to you, if I will be unavailable to provide this service for any extended length of time).  To make a request for videos/DVDs owned by the consortium, I will need from the requestor:  the title of the material, library that owns the item, the call number, and the date you would like to show/preview the material (my preference is to do this over the email or in person).  If the video is not available on the needed date I contact requestor to see if another date is viable.  The material is shipped to the library a couple days before the show date, the requestor will be notified and they will be able to pick up the material at the front desk in the library.  The material is to be returned immediately after the show date.  Our percentage of fills on the consortium is 95%.
  2. Interlibrary loan:  The interlibrary loan consists of all types of libraries in Minnesota. To request audio visual material from interlibrary loan, the fastest and easiest way is to fill out the interlibrary loan form in MnPALS, on the library website.  Search and choose the materials wanted, push interlibrary loan button, fill in needed information (the needed by date is not the show date, but the last day you can use the video, we can not guarantee a specific show date) and send the request.  The request will automatic be sent to me.  I will send the request on to all libraries that lend AV materials, with those libraries with the longest loan period first.  When the material is received you will be contacted and will need to check out the material on your faculty/staff ID.  The due date is determined by the lending library, some will allow renewals.  Our percentage of fills from interlibrary loan is 90%.

    Please allow adequate lead time to receive materials.  We recommend 2 weeks, although, in most cases, materials arrive within one week.

Contact Library Technician:  Ruth.

Faculty Loan Period

Faculty may borrow material from the AR library for the entire semester, with one renewal, unless the material is on hold for another patron. Material must be renewed or returned by the end of the semester or a processing fee of $10 and replacement cost, will be assessed for each item overdue. Contact Library Technician:  Ruth.

Purchase of Library Material

Faculty can make recommendations on the purchase of print and non-print library material to support the curriculum. CHOICE cards are circulated to divisions monthly to notify faculty of new titles available in their subject area. Faculty should initial the card and return it if they recommend the title for purchase. For other titles or formats, there is an “Acquisitions Request Form” available for faculty to complete. Contact Library Faculty:  Gina.

Reserve Material

Faculty may place material on "reserve" in the library for their students. A "Library Reserve Request Form" must be filled out in the library. Material is placed on Reserve during the semester for varying loan periods (i.e., Overnight, 3 day, library use only), at the discretion of the instructor. An Anoka-Ramsey identification card or a library card is required before material can be placed on reserve. Electronic Reserves (ERes) is also available. This option allows material to be accessed from computers both on and off campus. There is a three (3) - five (5) day turn around time for processing reserve material.

Library Reserve procedures

Paper reserve:

    1.    Have materials reserve ready: 
                a. Have copies of articles made in advance. a. Have each photocopy in a manila
                    folder, labeled as you want it listed in our online catalog and under the heading

                    you tell the students.
    2.    Must fill out the Library Reserve Request Form, if at all possible, please get this

            form from a library staff person, not a student worker.
                a. Have all sections filled out. 
                b. Photocopies of articles or book chapters can not be added on reserve without

                     the copyright clearance section initialed.

    3.    Please give us a minimum of 3-5 days to put your materials on reserve.
    4.    All items will need to be picked up when reserve period is over, for example, end of

            the semester or end of the academic year, unless you want it on permanent 


    5.    All reserve materials, including personal items, are subject to overdue notices,

           replacement/lost notices, and applicable fines.

Contact Library Technician:  Ruth.

Virtual Library Access

Library databases are accessible from remote locations, 24 hours a day, seven (7) days a week. An Anoka-Ramsey identification card or a library card is required to access MNPALS and MnLINK. The 14 digit barcode number serves as the ID number, and the first sixteen letters of the last name is the password (default) for MNPALS and MnLINK. Contact Library Faculty:  Al, Gina, or Barbara.

Faculty Resource Room

The Energy Pool has placed print and non-print material in the Faculty Resource Room for faculty use. There is material in the areas of Faculty Development, Teaching for Thinking, Developmental Education, Classroom Research, and Writing Across the Curriculum. A table and desk is available for study and reading. A TV/VCR is available in the room for viewing videotapes. Contact Library staff.


Coon Rapids Library

Al Mamaril
BA, MEd, MLIS, University of Hawaii
Instruction, Reference, Systems, Student Workers
Office: L216; 763-433-1552

Gina Pancerella-Willis
BA, Franklin and Marshall College
MS, Drexel University
Instruction, Reference, Acquisitions, Periodicals
Office: L217;

Barbara Sandarin
BA, Mount Mary College
MLIS, College of St. Catherine
Instruction, Reference, Information Literacy, Cataloging
Office: L214A;

Ruth Martin
BS, Bemidji State University
Circulation, Reserve, Interlibrary Loan, Cataloging
Office: L209;