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Career Development



Student Advising


Help is available for ARCC students who are interested in completing an internship and/or field experience.  By combining one or more internship learning experiences with your education, you will be able to: 

  • Apply what you are learning in your coursework, making connections between theory and practice
  • Gain new knowledge, understanding, and skills in a field of interest
  • Discover what you want to do, or don’t want to do as a potential career path
  • Gain real world experience to enhance your résumé and demonstrate a commitment to your field
  • Build a professional network thus becoming a more marketable professional in your field

Completing an Internship for Credit (CAOR 2297)

The internship program is designed to provide students with an opportunity to gain meaningful work experience in a field of interest.  Internships can be taken for credit through the college-wide Career Internship & Field Experience course (CAOR 2297) coordinated by counseling faculty. 

All internships require a minimum of 45 hours of work at the internship site and students can receive 2 to 6 credits total (1-credit seminar and 1 additional credit for every 45 hours worked on site).  Please note that students must secure an internship site as well as submit the necessary paperwork prior to registering for CAOR 2297 (instructor signature required).  Students may obtain the needed forms located on right of this page under "FORMS I NEED".

How to Get Started…

  • Schedule an appointment with a counselor to discuss internship options at the Coon Rapids Information Desk or call 763-433-1240. 
  • Review the internship links below for current openings and/or research specific companies which you have an interest in.
  • Prepare your résumé and cover letter and have both reviewed by an ARCC counselor by appointment (Coon Rapids Information Desk or call 763-433-1240).

Internship Search