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Employee Network Accounts

Employee Network Account

Every employee is provided with a Network account which allows you to login to a college computer on campus.  If this is your first time logging in on campus, you'll need to get your account information from your supervisor or dean.  If you have already activated your StarID and know your StarID password, you may already be able to login using these credentials. 

Usernames is your StarID.  You can activate or reset your StarID password online:  https://starid.mnscu.edu/idm/

Passwords must be at least 8 characters and include 3 of the following

    • Lower case letters
    • Upper case letters
    • Numbers
    • Special characters (For example, - * ! +) 

Changing Your Network Password

StarID account passwords expire after 180 days. 

    • Please go to https://starid.mnscu.edu/idm/ and click the Forgot Password, Change Password, or Expired Password link.
    • You will need your SSN, and Tech ID, Employee Number, or your Library Bar Code to reset a password.

Logging in on Campus

To login to a college computer:

    1. Simultaneously press Ctrl, Alt and Delete keys to open the login dialog box
    2. In the Username field, enter your StarID 
    3. In the Password field, enter your StarID Password.  If you forgot your password go to https://starid.mnscu.edu/idm/ 
    4. Press Enter on the keyboard
    5. Congratulations! You are now logged in.

IT Help Desk 

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