Considerations for Not Canceling Low Enrollment Courses (15 students or less)

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Considerations for not cancelling courses with enrollment 15 students or less are as follows:

• Alternative funding source (concurrent)
• Combined offering
• Start-up initiative (new program)
• Core program requirement (required for degree)
• Fill full-time faculty load
• Late-Start offering - numbers likely to increase
• Part of an outreach effort (cancel if less than an average of 12)
• Course aligns with scheduling priorities
• Specialty or advanced course taught in alternate years
• Adequate number for a meaningful experience
• Part of a commitment to cohort 

Guidelines should be utilized for assistance with complying with Anoka-Ramsey Policies and Procedures and do not provide exclusive representation of Anoka-Ramsey Administrative and Managerial authority.
Anoka-Ramsey Administration maintains inherent managerial right according to Minnesota State College Faculty (MSCF) Article 6, Section 1.

June 16, 2009