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Procedure 7E.1/11 Purchasing Credit Card Program

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See MnSCU Procedure 7.3.3

Cardholder’s Responsibilities

The cardholder will be responsible for signing the card when it is received, the security of the card and all transactions made against it. Purchases made against the card will be considered to have been made by the cardholder. 

The cardholder must inform the vendor of MnSCU’s tax exemption status.  Purchases of meals, lodging (under 30 days), waste collection and disposal services, or purchases or leases of motor vehicles are taxable and sales tax should be included in the charge transaction at the time of purchase if a purchase card is used.     

The cardholder must request a copy of the vendor’s sales receipt or cash register slip (if over the counter), or a packing list on shipped orders as well as the credit card slip. The cardholder’s individual purchasing card number and his/her name must be given for all orders processed and specific delivery instructions must be provided to the vendor. The purchased goods must be delivered directly to Anoka-Ramsey’s receiving dock.           

All purchase transactions processed against the purchasing card must be made by the employee to whom the card is issued. The card cannot be used by another person or for personal use. The card cannot be transferred from one employee to another.

All purchase transactions must be recorded on the Purchasing Card Individual Transaction Log each month and signed as to verification of the transactions by the cardholder. Receipts, packing slips, etc. must be attached to the Purchasing Card Individual Transaction Log. Monthly statements must be reconciled with the transaction log and submitted to the Business Office within five (5) days after receiving the monthly statement.

In the case that the cardholder is no longer employed by ARCC or is employed in a different capacity, that person must return the card before leaving, if not, cardholder is liable to all unauthorized purchases.


10.2008 Adopted

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