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Signs: Policy 6A.2

Procedure 6A.2/11- Space Management: Temporary Signs, Notices and Flyers

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Signs/notices/flyers must:

  • Have a signature of approval and approval date.
  • Be posted on the designated bulletin board.
  • Be created neatly and in good taste.

Signs/notices/flyers must not be posted:

  • On glass windows and doors.
  • On painted plaster-board surfaces.
  • On block walls unless authorized and only with tape supplied by Facilities Dept.
  • More than two weeks, unless authorized otherwise.
  • On top of other bulletin board materials.
  • Multiple times on the same bulletin board.

Special Stipulations for Areas of Responsibility

  1. Non College Groups/Individuals
    1. If approved, signs cannot be placed on bulletin boards designated for other purposes.
    2. All employment services or employers wishing to advertise for employees should submit information for posting.
    3. No advertising may be placed on automobiles in the parking lots. Violators may be charged $50 for clean-up services.
    4. Faculty and Staff Notices
      1. Faculty and staff are responsible for their offices and/or classrooms.
      2. Anything that affects the general conditions of the facility such as nails to hang pictures must be done by the maintenance staff.
      3. Signs are permitted on office doors at the discretion of the occupants.
      4. Official bulletin boards for posting staff notices in accordance with staff contracts are as follows:
        Cambridge Campus: Campus Center Mailroom (D209A)
        Coon Rapids Campus
        1. Faculty Association—East Hallway of Business/Nursing
        2. Council #6 outside Central Services
        3. Student Life/Activity Notices (Coon Rapids Campus)
          1. Student Activities bulletin boards can be easily identified throughout the Coon Rapids Campus by the colored computer print headings on the top of the bulletin boards. They indicate "Student Life Events." Some boards indicate special areas such as housing, rides, student advertising, etc.
          2. Size of signs and number of notices to be posted may limit availability.


          03.2005 Individual campus sections titled “Authorization to Post Signs, Notices, and Flyers” were moved to the policy.
          05.2005 Minor revisions

          For Minnesota State Colleges and Universities (MnSCU) policies and procedures, go to http://www.mnscu.edu/board/policy/index.html